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Freedom for the Self

In conversations with my students, I am sometimes asked to explain in words simply to understand how aspects of the universe work in conjunction with human beings. In answering such questions, briefly, here is my response as to how “things” come about.

Heaven will grant only that which is asked for with fervent desire and sincerity. That too has nothing to do with hoping and wishing, but rather with knowing and accepting our desire as a direct extension of cosmic order for the pleasure of Heaven Itself. How fortunate some of us are that we can ascend to understanding the purpose of the creation, and once knowing it, accepting it as the highest truth of all… as long as one does not think of being the center of the universe, but rather acknowledging the center of the universe as an aspect of their own creation.

All of the apparent tragedies we encounter are based on the need for ourselves to elevate our consciousness until we attain the nirvanic state of grace that no longer incorporates our need for a miniature ego that we use to keep us free from our fear. Our fear of our own perfection drives us mad with the necessity to compensate that fear with the ill-conceived idea of controlling others—regardless of our estimation.

© SFKaufman


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