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The Mentality of Being a Warrior

 from the Book of Water

The whole mentality of being a “warrior” is based on the idea of winning, and winning is the only thing you should be interested in. Winning for your own self-assurance. Winning for your own true benefit, though you are considering the benefit of all concerned.

The strategy of attack-no-attack does not concern itself with the outward manifestation of straight, upper, lower, right, or left. It concerns itself only with the idea of winning, but not through a preconceived notion of the outcome of the meeting. It means that you do not concern yourself with actual technique. It means that you are prepared to deal with the situation as it unfolds, unless you are there to discuss golf scores or the like. If you do not approach with the idea of winning, then what are you doing there in the first place? You have to deal with reality on all levels, and when you are aware of your own sense of self, you will have prepared for any eventuality.

This applies to your lovers as well. You must establish conditions and rules for the relationship to function correctly. If you leave things to chance, there will always be the idea that you are permitting certain things to occur that will cause you grief in one form or another. You may find yourself in an emotional relationship that can cause you aggravation, but you may still be willing to permit certain things to happen. This is because you may have some hidden agenda within that you have not come to terms with. You know what they are. No one can live a thorough life without having to make certain sacrifices that will tend to ease hardships. It is how you deal with these hardships that make you a complete person. When you are certain that what you are doing is to your best interests, then proceed. When you find that you are giving up too much in order to fulfill a desire, you have the choice of either accepting the status quo or changing it. There is no other way. The more you relinquish of your dignity and respectability, the more you will have to sacrifice to maintain your false notions of reality.

It is essential that you become one with the objective. You cannot separate yourself from the subjective goal of your self-proclaimed destiny. You must be intimately involved with it. Completely! Otherwise, you will not be in control of yourself and any conditions that can arise. It is the same as absentee management, and unless you are directly involved, certain people in your world will assume to make decisions for you that you may not want to experience. It takes dedication to your ideal. Your ideal will then express itself in completeness, and you will reap the benefits and advantages. You must firmly develop the concreteness of your idea into your heart, mind, and soul.

Remembering the idea of no thought and no idea suggests that you have to go into the objective before the objective becomes a problem that must be dealt with in unorthodox fashion. Go into any situation with completeness, or you will wonder why certain things are not following your desire. This is all based on planning and knowing that certain outcomes will arise that may be serendipitous and to your advantage. You can only do this if you are truly aware of what you are trying to accomplish. Many mistakes will naturally occur in your thinking because, quite frankly, you are not the creator of the universe and the substance from which everything emanates. On a different perspective, you are. But that is something to be considered apart from the application of the Rings philosophy.

The following is a radio interview of Hanshi Stephen Kaufman discussing his Lady of the Rings book.  http://redroom.com/member/sfkaufman/media/audio/the-lady-of-the-rings-interview

For more info on author and to purchase books, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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