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The Importance of Correct Spiritual and Physical Bearing in Strategy

from The Book of Water

The manner in which a warrior carries himself is of the utmost importance both physically and mentally. You are undoubtedly familiar with men who are quiet and strong and seem to be doing nothing.

They do not appear to be tense and do not appear to be in disarray. They simply appear. This is exactly the appearance for which they strive. When it is necessary to attack, they do so with complete resolve, sure of themselves, neither overly bearing in attitude nor with false humility. They attack with one purpose and one purpose only—to destroy the enemy. They do not take false postures when they prepare for attack. They simply attack with all their heart and soul.

A small man can beat a much larger man and one man can beat many men in a fight. Allow your wisdom to develop by constantly striving to perfect yourself in your own art and by understanding the art of others. When you understand yourself and you understand the enemy, you cannot be defeated. Be aware at all times of what is right and wrong among men. Do not permit yourself to be intimidated by the size of the enemy. Do not be fooled by your own misunderstanding of what your purpose is. To do so is wrong thinking and means that you are not studying the principles of my Way properly.

Whether on or off the battlefield, there is no difference in spirit. The warrior sees all of life as the battlefield. Do not lose heart if the enemy’s appearance is overwhelming. You must commit yourself to constant study in order to develop the perfection in your soul evident in the demeanor of the spirit.

Excerpt from Musashi’s Book of Five Rings – The Definitive Interpretation of Miyamoto Musashi’s Classic Book of Strategy.

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One comment on “The Importance of Correct Spiritual and Physical Bearing in Strategy

  1. Inspiration provokes thought which leads you to do action so that you reach to your ultimate destination.

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