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Advanced Studies in Self-Revealization Acceptance

My Negativity is Rescinded in Totality

I now establish and accept into my life impenetrable defenses against any expressions of incorrect thinking, negative sentiment, or manipulative grace that can interfere with my divine right to live in joy and freedom. I adamantly deny authority to to any thoughts, persons, or things that can or will restrict my ascension to the highest level of consciousness that I will and do attain to experience in my life. Knowing that the Creative Power of the Universe immediately responds to my desires of wholeness and completeness gives me the ability to focus with more direction and passion on my life’s goals and attainments. I choose to think only in terms of abundance and prosperity in all of my endeavors and will not permit my own fears and doubts to intercept my direct expression of the Spirit of the Thing Itself in me, as me, or through me. I eliminate all foolish behavior and emotional decisions that may erupt as a result of my own arrogance, conceit, and false pride as I take more charge of my life for the benefit of all concerned with me. I correct myself when and where necessary and not considering the demands and conditions of anything not in alignment with my quest to live my life for the benefit of all concerned with myself as the primary recipient of good. I acknowledge and accept that the Spirit of the Thing Itself, as functional and assertive, is this self-revealization acceptance and that it instantly delivers my desire as it connects my total and complete true self in mental and physical reality to the perfect conditions that I want to experience. Any form of restriction in my own mind is hereby eliminated from coercion of confusion in all aspects of my entire existence: physical, spiritual, and mental, and remains without power to penetrate my deepest soul. For the ability to accept this profound revealization, I give complete and total thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe knowing all of my desires manifest in perfection.

©SFKaufman 2011

This Self-Revealization Acceptance is from my forthcoming book entitled Advanced Studies in Self-Revealization Acceptance.

For more info on the author, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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