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Death does not exist and only reveals nextness

Wisdom does not permit the end of itself

A man can only learn to move forward in any direction

Not being concerned with what went before

He should not care for the rewards of the day


When you strive to develop an aspect of yourself to the ultimate degree, you are still limited by your perception of what that level of beingness actually can be. It is not possible to understand the workings of the Universe, because the Universe has Its own idea about Its own being. It does not concern Itself with Its own being. If it did, It would not be unending. In order to attain the highest level of All consciousness, a man must be concerned only with doing the best that can be done limited only by his mind and the acceptance of a higher truth of himself. This is called death of the past.

Nextness is what happens after a man leaves his body, or, that which was behind him, not caring to carry it along to his next destination on earth or anywhere else. When nextness is reached, Allness is released according to the conventions a man uses in his own thinking through personal contemplation of the Spirit of the Thing Itself. All is accomplished because the Spirit of the Thing Itself is expressed to the level of the man’s ability to understand and accept Its profound gifts. These gifts are made manifest in the world as a result of a man’s work and desire to attain perfection. If a man is enlightened, he will see these things as something beyond what he could ever imagine.

This must not be confused with objects of physical possession that can be touched and held. These are only things that in time will cease to be in the form they now possess. Imperfection exists only because man cannot identify the Spirit of the Thing Itself as the means of Heaven’s and man’s natural existence. Heaven and man must coincide with each other.


Excerpt from The Living Tao – Meditations on the Tao Te Ching to Empower Your Life.

For more info on author and to purchase books, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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