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Newly Revised Edition of Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom

Thanks to the fine response I have had with the original version of Self-Revealization Acceptance and the comments that have come from readers and practitioners, there is now a revised edition (including book cover) to alleviate some of the pain that many readers have had with the exposition of certain profound concepts that are difficult to come to terms with based on my manner of writing. Without having watered down any of the ideas presented in the original, I have made the book more accessible and “readable.” Look for it being available in the coming weeks ahead.

 Chapter 13

You Reap What You KNOW—Not What You Sow

Knowing something will happen is having the full conviction of the faith OF something along with its faith in you as the receiving vessel. It is the right way to think. It is the only way to think! You must believe yourself to be the required receiving vessel knowing and accepting a “thing” in reality beforehand. Then, and only then, will it come to be. Just because you think something should happen does not always mean it will. Most of the time it won’t regardless of how fervently you think about it and no matter how intensely you plan for a result. There is no guarantee that anything will happen unless you know it will happen.

We constantly hear of businesses or projects failing because the owner did not seem to do the right things at the right times, even though the idea was ready to flourish. There is always an excuse for failure: under capitalization, not enough manpower, too little of this, too much of that. The truth is that there was not enough conviction of knowing, conviction of belief, or conviction of purpose in the project as a success before it was begun and accepted as such. Not that it was going to be a success, but specifically that it already is a success. Success is guaranteed only when complete belief and conviction accompanies the desire. When you do not think in this manner, all the good intentions in the world will be for naught. You cannot just say you will do your best and hope you will succeed. Trying to do your best and hoping for the desired outcome is not the same thing as accepting in totality that which is necessary for completion. Incidentally, “hope” based on wishful thinking goes nowhere. You must have the conviction and courage to maintain your position by doing the work necessary to realize it as a reality.

Reinforce your conviction moment by moment by constantly focusing on your objective. Constantly declare it as reality rather than pray to an external source. Thus you will begin to live it. When your dream or vision becomes difficult to maintain, improvise a self-revealization acceptanceon the spot that permits no one and nothing to interfere with the attainment of your goal. Never relinquish the personal courage needed to see your dream through to completion. There are many times that you may desire something with all of your heart and soul and full knowing acceptance that it is done, but delays arise and they will always seem interminable. You may constantly redefine your thoughts, and still, nothing happens. There is a good reason for this, and overcoming the challenge will make you stronger and more convinced of your deserving.

While maintaining your conviction, you sometimes overlook the need for all of the components to come into compliance with your desires. Although you are steadfast in your purpose and desire, other things must line up for completion. It is called “right action” as an aspect of your divine right to live in joy and freedom. Be patient, as hard as it is to do. Right action brings together and maintains together all that must be sustained together. You are not that powerful that you can instantaneously bring something about—yet. It is entirely possible to attain the instant manifest level of consciousness with self-revealization acceptance thinking, but it takes undaunted desire and purpose. As a result of not having something instantly manifest, do not get the idea that it will not be demonstrated. It is exactly at this point that you must develop even more authority of desire.

Never release your vision! If you believe with all of your heart and soul that it will happen—and you know it will—there is no way for life to deny your divine right to live in joy and freedom. The Creative Power of the Universe does not create to destroy. It does not give you an idea with the intention of watching you suffer in the anticipation and anxiety of it not happening unless that is the way your mind permits your self to function. The Creative Power of the Universe creates by expanding Itself through your knowing It, but until you accept It in wholeness and completeness, you must continue to focus your desire so that the Spirit of the Thing Itself can actualize through, in, and as you. This is the faith OF the Thing Itself. There is no sense in trying to kid yourself about accomplishment. Intense attitudes of I AM, I HAVE, and I WILL HAVE IT NOW must be developed. When you see yourself in possession of a thing and it has not manifested or demonstrated, continue to declare the reality of your desire by developing more ardent belief and conviction. Eventually, you will automatically put more intensity into your desire and bring about a quicker demonstration. If you are part of a group where everyone has a desire for the same thing, the one who gets it will be the one who has already accepted it as done and has already done the work to retain it. Once you have accepted a particular “thing” as yours and act like it is, you will have begun doing what is necessary to keep it. This proper attitude overrides the collective desire because it is already in the process of demonstration regardless of the consensus of opinion. Trust in yourself and know that as a result of your acceptance, it is already done, and it is done through you.

Think of the things that should have happened in your life but didn’t. Was it because you didn’t have enough conviction of purpose or see yourself as the recipient of the good? Did you think that because you did not get what you wanted you were not worthy of it? Did you think you were being overlooked because of “favoritism” being shown towards others? There must be countless times when you have had thoughts such as these and they are usually based on competition. Competition will always interfere with the pure creative expression of your idea.

Don’t compete. Create! If you think in terms of what others are doing and what you have to do to beat them, you are not concerned with accomplishment; you are concerned with how you will be perceived. This is a main cause of failure with rare exception regardless of the outcome. It is as if you are in a race and you think that you have to beat someone who runs faster than you do. Don’t think on that level. Instead, think in terms of beating the time that has been previously set and doing better than that. In such a manner you are avoiding personality conflicts and are concentrating on the goal and not the method.

Knowingness is the mentality required for all healing—mind, body, and spirit. Spiritual mind healing is based on I AM, I HAVE, and I WILL HAVE as reality coupled with the faith OF the Spirit of the Thing Itself. The perfection of the universe must be acknowledged as the standard for all forms of life known and unknown, or the attendant collective thoughts will manifest through the law of averages. The primary rejection of mental healing is based on the confusion that suggests some people are born in perfect health and others have or develop specific problems. This includes congenital disease and physical impairment. In other words, some people are born with deformations based on the overall understanding of the Creative Power of the Universe through the law of averages. Remember, Spirit of the Thing Itself is impersonal and only reacts to what is desired of It. The Spirit of the Thing Itself is not a personal thing, and no one is specifically chosen to be fortunate or to suffer. The obscenity of man’s disassociation with the Divine is what creates problems of any sort. It has nothing to do with who deserves what or why they get what they were dealt. People are born the way they are because of the collective consciousness of all of mankind. It is essential to overcome this impropriety.

The physical body is an extension of the Creative Power of the Universe to know Itself as man and is expressed as an idea of Itself based on the governing force which is man’s desire based on the thought of a receiving vessel. Healing is done by the Creative Power of the Universe in accordance with man’s desire, and causation only acts through belief and acceptance of Its perfection through a direct communion with the Spirit of the Thing Itself. Perfection is expressed according to the desire of the recipient and is only an aspect of the Highest Intelligence.

The above statement is what constitutes so-called miraculous healing. It is God’s intervention in someone’s life as anything desired. It is the conscious acceptance of I AM, I HAVE, I WILL HAVE, and knowing it as so. The desire on the part of an individual to experience perfection is either consciously or unconsciously motivated based on past thought and experience. There is no in-between and there is no divine intervention as an external demonstration without cause. Where there is “God’s Intervention,” it is a result of the thought of the person as a “perfect” representation of the Divine Ideal. “God’s Intervention” can only happen when the afflicted person’s consciousness is changed to accept the newly desired condition in relative physical and mental perfection. It is then a Divine Expression of Divine Intent as an individualized expression of the whole. The process is brought about through very intense adjuration of the Spirit of the Thing Itself focused through concentrated self-revealization acceptance.

This reality may not be immediately acceptable by many people, especially those stricken. But that is not the issue. What you wish to change can be changed through new thinking about any condition being experienced. Changes in consciousness are brought about by the person afflicted or by a developed practitioner of self-revealization acceptance who assists in redirecting the Universal Energy of the Creative Power. But it is the definitive belief and knowing of the afflicted that they are healed and maintained in perfection and have the courage to accept healing as truth, no longer accepting old ideas of limitation. It comes through rethinking in wholeness and completeness of the perfection existing in forms of lavishness, lotsness, and limitlessness in abundance. That is why it is urgent to accept higher realities that cannot be defined except through visualization of the Divine Ideal in image and thought. Beingness manifests itself in the individual as perfection of expression however it is defined. Desire must be known and accepted with wholeness and completeness of conviction by the Spirit of the Thing Itself before anything can happen.

Physical healing is a constant acceptance, constant desire, and constant knowing that the Spirit of the Thing Itself instantly manifests as perfection based on the change of attitude expressed towards the condition being healed—physical or mental—accepted in the here and now. It cannot be forced; it can only be willed and not with will power. Call it the Will of God if you wish, but it is your thought and your thought alone that makes for perfection of being in your experience.

When you are aware of the possibilities of perfection and you are ready to accept your divine right to live in joy and freedom, it is easy to accept an enhanced definition relative to a particular situation. This is another good reason of why it is necessary to burn your bridges behind you. It is not only mean-spirited and toxic people that you need to be rid of, but it is also the mistaken notions and ideas about how life should be. Once you have decided to change your thinking about something, there is no reason to return to the previous condition. And understand this. No one heals anything! No one ever did and no one ever will. With faith OF the Spirit of the Thing Itself,healing is done by the Creative Power of the Universe while we continually command it as done through self-revealization acceptance until it is manifested in perfection according to our visions and desires.

In rethinking the outcome of conditions, the first thing to be done is to associate ourselves with the absolute creative energy of the universe, the Creative Power of the Universe, and know it as an all-powerful individualization of our oneness with It. When that is done, we can announce what and who the self-revealization acceptance is for. Continue to deny anything that would interfere with your greater good or the greater good of the object of your acceptance. Insist that you know with clarity of thought and clarity of purpose that what you are doing is the right thing. Acknowledge the Spirit of the Thing Itself to take over and instantly deliver the desired outcome to you or the person you are accepting for as the awaiting receptacle. End the acceptance with an expression of gratitude and the knowing that it is done. The concept of the healing process is further defined in the coming chapters and in its proper place and time. Don’t rush things by assuming you know what is happening. The chapters are in order for a reason. The following self-revealization acceptance reinforces “knowing” something as a reality.

Knowing there is the One without a second, and knowing I am a direct and individualized effect of the eternal causation of the universe, the Creative Power of the Universe, my acceptance of the divine gifts that are mine to experience by my divine right to live in joy and freedom are in place before I define my desires. My thought and my thought alone makes the reality of the Spirit of the Thing Itself manifest in my world without denial, restriction, or limitation. Any attempts by myself, other people or things to deny my reality is immediately reconverted into energy that further enhances my being of accomplishment. This includes perfect health, material and tangible prosperity, an abundance of true love, and the ability given to me by the Creative Power of the Universe to create the ideals as I see fit. No fear of failure exists in my universe as my ideal is made perfect and whole by my knowing it as complete. Clarity of purpose based on clarity of thought enables me to accept my greater good as my divine right to live in joy and freedom while all aspects of delay or resistance are negated of authority. What I say “is” absolutely “is” made perfect and whole and I accept it as so. I perceive the perfection of my accomplishment in an abundance of lavishness, lotsness, and limitlessness knowing I must continually perfect and redefine my goals. I visualize my success as already done while taking those steps necessary to raise my consciousness through each and every self-revealization acceptance. Any and all forms of self-denial give way to the expression of my desires in an abundance of my desired good. This word is accepted into the Creative Power of the Universe and is demonstrated in perfection. Knowing and accepting my true desire, I Will Have It, and I Will Have It Now. I give complete and total thankfulness with gratitude to the Creative Power of the Universe.




Sample chapter from the newly revised edition of An Introduction to Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom…coming soon!

©SFKaufman 2011

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