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Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman Honored as Martial Arts Author of the Year

Martial Arts grandmaster receives legitimate recognition by the World Karate Union as Martial Arts Author of the Year.

For Immediate Release:

NEW YORK, NY, June 11, 2011 – The officers and board of directors of the World Karate Union headed by President and Grandmaster Frank Tasetano in Tannersville, PA have acknowledged Hanshi Kaufman for his outstanding contributions to the literature canon of worldwide martial arts education and have inducted him into their prestigious Hall of Fame.

The significance of this particular recognition follows along with a partial list of awards and commendations to illustrate his work.

World Karate Union – North American Fed. of Martial Artists – Distinguished GrandmasterInternational Assn. of Martial Artists – Grandmaster and Educator

Action Martial Arts Magazine – Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award

Aaron Banks World Professional Martial Arts – Great Writer and Educator Award

Intl. Assn.of Russian Kempo – Honorable Recognition as Grandmaster

World Agni Organization Ukraine – Recognition of Philosophical Teaching

World Martial Arts Alliance – Grandmaster Acknowledgment

Lenchus Legend Society of Grandmasters – Lifetime Achievement

World Head of Family Sokeship Council – Grandmaster and Educator Recognition

World Black Belt Hall of Fame – Distinguished Grandmaster

Okinawan Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Assn.– Hanshi Recognition

United States Karate Assn. – Hanshi Recognition

North American Black Belt Federation – Hanshi Recognition

Grey Belt Society of Martial Arts Elders – Board of Directors

Stephen F. Kaufman is the internationally acclaimed author of several books including the world’s best-selling interpretations of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and Sun Tzu’s Art of War. He has recently signed a multiple book deal with the distinguished publishers, Tuttle and Paladin Press..

An acknowledged true founding father of American Karate, he was awarded the title of Hanshi in 1991 by international peer associations. The title is considered to be the most prestigious accomplishment in the martial arts world and signifies “teacher of teachers.”

Mr. Kaufman lives in New York City and spends his time traveling, teaching, writing, and developing a higher universal consciousness for all mankind.

For information about Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com


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