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Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life

Week 19

I Am Forever Creative

My ability to create all that I want to experience in my life is endless. I have complete control over the direction I move towards. At times, when things are not precisely what I want them to be, I redefine my desires until I have what I want. In this manner, I know that I will always attain to my desires and accomplish my goals by my divine right to live in joy and freedom. I create the embodiment of my life in all aspects to include robust health that is disease and dis-ease free, ever increasing riches in the form of material gain and money, joyous love, and expanding creativity and productivity. I acknowledge that all of this is provided by the Creative Power of the Universe without restriction and I accept It as such without limitation or hesitation. By constantly developing my mastery of self-revealization acceptance, I come to realize that the more I focus on my desire, the easier it becomes for me to empower my thoughts. As a result, I experience exactly what I am trying to accomplish for the benefit of all concerned. Creativity empowered in me, as me, and through me by the Spirit of the Thing Itself increases the clarity and fullness of purpose in my thinking. Knowing that I am forever creative, I am willing to accept change based on new opportunities that enhance my lifestyle in all that I do. I am guided accordingly by my own self-proclaimed destiny constantly being revealed to me by my own thoughts as I permit newness of consciousness to point me in the direction it reveals. Whatever it is that I desire to know and experience gives me great pleasure as I continue to attain higher levels of accomplishment in my life. I thank the Creative Power of the Universe with abundant gratitude knowing that It accepts my thankfulness and appreciation and delivers ever greater bounty in abundance.

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