Zen and the Art of Stickfighting

The Concept of Attack/ No-Attack

 The Zen concept of attack/no-attackshould be used in and through your life without having to think about it. It simply means that you should be on your guard and prepared to act without becoming paranoid while at the same time remaining calm. Training provides you with the ability to act or react: knowing when and when not to do something. It is necessary to practice for the mind and the body to be able to act and react on the physical level automatically when it is necessary, and so you should always practice to hone your skills. Without spending countless hours in meditation, accept accomplishment of a goal as “already done” and you will experience it as such. To develop the proper attitude of already done and to believe it, you should not be nonchalant about the idea and expect it to be there when you want it without conscious training. You want the attitude to be permanent; it is a prerequisite to being competent. The Spirit of the Thing Itself will protect you when in dire straits as well.


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2 comments on “Zen and the Art of Stickfighting

  1. Perfect advice for all aspects of my day, thank you!

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