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Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life

Week 18

I Mean Business

Everything I do is for the express purpose of being successful in all of my endeavors. Based on my own needs and desires, all that I do is aimed at excellence of expression and execution. I refuse to waste my precious time and resources by diverting my attention from the acceptance of my true desires. I permit the authority of the Spirit of the Thing Itself, by the words I use in my self-revealization acceptances, to keep myself aligned with the goals that I am working towards, making sure not to become obsessed with false and unreasonable outcomes. When I am working, I am working. I am not playing! I enjoy social events when my immediate tasks are finished, and I share my time with those who are of like mind and are focused on their realities as well. To maintain my energy and perspective, I physically exercise and find time to enjoy other things that give me pleasure in order to experience my life by my divine right to live in joy and freedom. I read and listen to my own self-revealization acceptances as many times as is necessary to keep myself on my true path. I am single-minded for my purposes, but I do not lose sight of other joys in the world and partake when and where I feel drawn. Should circumstances for any reason interfere with my focus, I immediately become aware of the diversion and bring myself back to the work required for my desires to be made manifest. As a result of this thinking, I am able to concentrate on my business and personal affairs without confusion or frustration. I completely accept my good bounty in all that I do as I watch each of my goals manifest in full reality. I mean business! With complete and sincere thanks, I release these words to the Spirit of the Thing Itself made actual by the Creative Power of the Universe and knowing that what I desire is already in place.

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