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Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life

Week 16

I Have Intensity of Desire

I accept all of my good bounty as I see my work delivered in perfect completion according to my desires. By permitting my ideas to unfold once I set them in motion, I will have already prepared myself emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually for the enjoyment of living my life by my divine right to live in joy and freedom. I am careful not to recite meaningless incantations to manipulate the Spirit of the Thing Itself into revealing something erroneous. Thoroughly executing my intelligence with clarity of thought, I resolutely prepare for the event to occur in perfect order and harmony. Focusing on my desire with intensity empowers me to illuminate my consciousness to bring about quicker and more functional results for anything wanted as I envision myself enjoying the fruits of my labors and see the results I want to experience with more ease and grace. I take control of my estimations and demand of myself and the Spirit of the Thing Itself to make manifest in my life, without hesitation or delay, full self-revealizations on my behalf brought about my ardent desire to have them. Keeping the vision of soon to be revealed experiences before me fosters more intensity of desire to experience and permit them to grow with flaming passion. The results of my desire and the intensity of my desire has no choice but to immediately bring about what I want based on the conviction that I am deserving of the result. The power of these words enables me to move forward in understanding my motives for accomplishment making my preparations for achievement simpler and more robust. My words become more profound and penetrating as I put emphasis into them while repeating the appropriate self-revealization acceptance for my expectations with ever more conviction and intensity. I give total and complete thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe and move forward in my life with ever more clarity of thought and clarity of purpose as the results of my desire manifest for the benefit of all concerned.

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