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Book Review for “Musashi’s Book of Five Rings”

I received a kind email today from a follower who has read my version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and informed me that he left a review on Amazon.  You can read a copy of the review below.

“I have enjoyed reading the reviews of Kaufman’s interpretation. They have been insightful and in many cases extremely witty and thought provoking. The intelligence behind some of the comments verges on genius. Well done.

I have given this book 5 stars for one reason only. I am a full time sports coach and coach professional athletes at a world class level. Kaufman’s interpretation is the only translation / interpretation that I have been able to use ‘in the field’ specifically to enhance the ‘frame of mind’ of the athletes I coach before the ultimate testing ground; competition. As a tool for learning and applying strategy as well as improving ‘frame of mind’ in the realm of professional sport I have found it invaluable. Since I am not an academic I really couldn’t care less about who’s translation / interpretation is the most accurate. I only use what works.

As an aside, I am also a martial artist and martial arts instructor. I have recently published a book about my martial arts Master. It is entitled ‘Raoul Kent: A Life of Mastery’ and will be available at Amazon soon. Master Raoul is a true master of Japanese karate, ju jitsu and judo. He has been bodyguard to the rich and famous as well as the criminal underworld. He went undefeated in martial art competitions of all forms for 7 years straight. Master Raoul also values Kaufman’s interpretation and since he is truly the most battle tested warrior I have ever known I value his opinion. Intellectuals may be great wordsmiths and ardent critics but at the end of the day they remain just that. No brilliant intellectual will ever help you win a fight or conquer the battlefield of professional sport.

I suggest purchasing and reading all versions of Book of Five Rings and making up your own mind. The litmus test ultimately will be whether or not the book fulfilled the purpose for which you bought it.”


Many thanks to my follower and for the kind words spoken from a true warrior!

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman and to purchase his books, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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