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The Hanshi Responds to a True Seeking Warrior

The following is a question emailed to me from a follower in Sydney, Australia.

Question:  Perhaps you would be kind enough to share with me your favourite karate technique? I am a big fan of shuto techniques and  mawashi-geri with the ball of the foot.

Hanshi’s Answer:  Perhaps this answer will be a bit more than you would have anticipated, but aside from simple technique that can be learned through intuition, especially when your desire is to overcome any particular objective, I can give you an idea that would be most difficult to demonstrate without adequate pictures. It would consist of a pair of mawashi from squatting to rising followed up with a powerful shuto attack from both your left and right while driving in to a middle body attack. The ability to perform this would also take into consideration your physical condition, but once you understand what the goal is, you can readily adjust your own delivery system or destiny as the case may be. 

Try this. As an attacker comes in regardless of their technical intention or form, drop down into a deep kiba dachi and fire at the attacker’s outside left  knee with right mawashi and instantly fire your left to the right temple while rising up from kiba. Properly placed, these geris will completely disable your enemy’s resolve as well as break the knee joint and crush the temple while resulting in serious damage to his poise. As you completely recover from your low position, jump in and deliver two fastidious shuto to both sides of the neck.

Obviously, this will take much practice until you are comfortable with your own self as executor. Don’t let anyone tell you that these are inordinate moves that can hardly be accomplished. If you will consider Musashi’s and my own pure land Hebi-ryu philosophy, the only difficulty lies in your not accepting yourself as being able to perform with deliberation.

Though an exotic, for lack of a better word, tactic, the esthetic of your inner being takes precedence whenever you are assured internally that you will create a high minded ideal albeit with the help of Heaven that will determine your sincerity and then reveal to you according to your desire and passion, the perfection of your expression. This manner of thinking will do you in good stead as you venture through life.

© SFKaufman 2011

For more info on this author, visit http://www.hanshi.com


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