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Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions











Week 13

I Grow Richer Day by Day

My life becomes filled with wonderful new ideas about wealth and money every day. I treat myself with great respect and do not hold anything back from my pleasure, while at the same time keeping control of my finances so I don’t enter into debt. I allocate whatever is required for me to maintain my monetary balance, and piece by piece, I eliminate all forms of debt that I may have accrued. I do not permit appearances or the opinions of others to influence my enjoyment as I continue to enhance my divine right to live in joy and freedom by increasing the value of my financial resources. The money I need for whatever reason is always available to me and I never have to worry about where my sustenance comes from. My bills are paid, my rent is paid, I have cash in my pocket, and my reserves continue to grow as I keep control of my spending habits. I demand of myself that it be this way and I do those things required of me to maintain this attitude, lifestyle, and physical reality at all times. Whenever an expense makes itself known to me, I instantly create the proper self-revealization acceptance to create the condition that permits me to alleviate it, knowing with sincere expectation that it arrives in timely fashion. I am beyond the fears of lack, loss, and limitation knowing that I am intelligently guided in all that I do. The Spirit of the Thing Itself, without any hesitation, brings to fruition and manifestation all that I need for the pleasure of living my life intelligently and without fears of lack, loss, or limitation in the financial areas of my life. I grow richer day by day knowing that the Intelligence of the universe will continue to have more faith OF Itself in me as I devote myself entirely to the enjoyment and pleasure of Its own desire. Everything I do and everything I touch turns to gold. I am eternally grateful without restriction and express my thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for all of my great bounty.

Excerpt from Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life.

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