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Coming to Terms with Abundance

An abundance of good is a wonderful thing when acknowledged and accepted as a normal aspect of your life. However, abundance can also be negative in the form of lack, loss, and limitation as it is expressed through everything, including self-imposed limitations. It is essential to be careful with your thoughts in all matters, especially when things don’t happen the way you think they are supposed to. In these circumstances, aggravation and frustration are given leeway generally compounded with a belief that you do not deserve better, even though you can’t stand the present condition. This erroneous thinking manifests as reality based on the thinker’s perceptions. Also, people who lack things are judgmental, which is another thing that slows them down. It takes a great deal of conviction to know that you are doing the right thing and will pay the price, in abundance, to reap rewards of a great bounty as part of your divine right to live in joy and freedom.

The Creative Power of the Universe gives freely of Itself and does not consider abundance as a factor in Its giving. It simply gives and It gives all of Itself through a constant expansion of expression. It has no choice because It doesn’t think in terms of choice. The Creative Power of the Universe is constantly expanding and there will always be more of It to give, which is dependent upon the size of the receiving receptacle’s desire to accept, which you are. You must also accept yourself as the receiving vessel for constantly increased good. Space is unlimited and so is your mind. You have the capacity to accept all the good there is in the universe. Whether or not you do so is your choice. You can also choose evil if that is your desire. The Creative Power of the Universe has no opinion. It delivers what you desire of It.

Erroneous concepts of lack, loss, and limitation, known and unknown, work successfully in, as, and through everything when they are granted authority. Nonetheless, many people want pain and suffering in their life and maintain an abundance of negative sentiment preferring to live with frustration and confusion as an aspect of normality as a personal choice. Erroneous attitudes are created by seeing events in your world from the wrong perspective and by listening to well-meaning people who do not know any better. Keep in mind manipulative grace. You should prefer to live with gain, plenty, and complete freedom on all levels of existence including: physical health, financial security, abundant love, and freedom of expression. You should choose to do so with lavishness, lotsness, and limitlessness. Make an effort to constantly reinforce these new attitudes with well-developed self-revealization acceptances. It is your divine right to live in joy and freedom to do so.

Excerpt from Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.

Available at http://www.hanshi.com/books


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