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Hanshi Kaufman Strikes

Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman has inked multiple book deals with two heavy-duty traditional publishers who have recognized the importance and value of his writings and teachings.

Tuttle Publishing has contracted with the author for a re-packaging of a classic written in contemporary form entitled, The Shogun Scrolls. This controversial content of this book when first published caused an uproar due to the form in which it was done. The premise is that although the author questions the verisimilitude of Machiavelli and how he came to get a copy of a book that was brought back to Europe by Marco Polo and plagiarized it, the lessons taught are nonetheless astounding in concept and presentation.

Book two is entitled, Hanshi Damashi – The Soul of a 21st Century Warrior. The author gives solid and sound advice to all readers though it is primarily focused on the martial arts community worldwide. His position of world-renowned martial arts master is evident in this work, and based on responses to the anticipation of this work being published, he has garnered many significant responses. The lessons taught are universal, and the publishers are ecstatic that they have been able to get the rights to this profound work.

In conjunction with the author’s great success with Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Tuttle Publishing feels confidant that sales of these two titles will be significant and will enlighten a huge reading market. This confidence in the author’s continuing potential has given Tuttle Publishing cause to consider another deal in the not too distant future with titles : Cherry Blossoms for Children – Life Lessons to Learn By, Sword in the Boardroom – Winning for the Benefit of all Concerned, which the author had self-pubbed, and a re-packaging of The Living Tao – Meditations on the Tao Te Ching to Empower Your Life.

Paladin Press, the folks who brought you Soldier of Fortune magazine have also tendered a deal; more later.




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