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Excerpt from The Living Tao

Poem 6

The more you take the more It has to give

Never decreasing what the Mother of heaven allots

Approach the gateway

You are more distant

Try not to understand Her secrets

Use Her with the joy She expects

Divine Breath can never be known

A mother’s pleasure is her own

The Infinite contains all. The more you take from It, the more It has to give. It is foolish to try to use up the resources of the Universe. They are never-ending, and although you approach with good intentions, you will still be farthest away. Man can never understand the machinations of the Universe and must always consider newer truths to be learned. Like a mother, It will give nourishment to all who desire sustenance and will give it gladly, as that is the nature of a mother.

When you try to take your abilities to the ultimate level of accomplishment, you will find that you have really learned little about the possibilities provided. This is because you think you have attained the level of Its most givingness. If you try to get all there is to get, you will find that there is always more to strive for. In time you will stop enjoying the fruits of your labors and become blinded to the pleasures of life. Always know when you have enough, though you will never know when you have as much as another. It is not true that the man with the most possessions wins. The winner is the man with all the possessions. When do you know if you have enough? Your heart will tell you.

Divine Breath pervades the Allness of everything. Man is limited by his finiteness and can never comprehend eternity. The Nature of Heaven though, cannot resist giving of Itself to know more of Itself through you. Heaven must be acknowledged and then approached with sincerity. You can never expect results if you think in terms of false pride, arrogance, or conceit. Rid yourself of these restrictions with a sincere desire to do so.

Above is an interesting approach to my book, The Living Tao. This excerpt is quite nicely read by Peggy Thompson who designed this video to go along with it. I think this is a good way to introduce the work and I welcome any of your comments and suggestions.

The Living Tao is available at http://www.hanshi.com/books and Amazon.


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