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Life Force Energy

Life force energy exists in every culture. In fact, without it the universe would not exist. In Chinese it is called chi; in Japanese, ki; and in other cultures it is called soul. Every culture has its own name for this energy; every culture uses it in one form or another. A simple way to explain it is by calling it an expression of the inner self through the outer self. Another way to describe it would be by the driving force that an individual uses to focus on specific desired results. Whatever you want to call it is fine as long as you realize that it works better than anything else external that you may ever have encountered to empower yourself with a new energy and life-style. The life force is what keeps you breathing when you sleep. It makes you accomplish something—anything. The life force empowers great artists regardless of recognition or not to reach into themselves and increase their creative flow. Its how great performers reach their audiences.

When you want to get something done, it gets done because you are applying the life force. All you know is that you wanted something and you got it or came close to it. That is the way things should be. The difference between being successful positively or being successful negatively is in your perception of the conditions you set for yourself. The specific goal is not important as long as you acknowledge the work you are doing as an aspect of your true inner being. Do not be concerned that you do not get immediate results. Avoid frustration if you don’t get what you want by continuing to develop your vision of what you want to experience. Frustration can be good if you are able to recognize your shortcomings and do something about them. Perhaps its a realignment of your perception of your goals. This is also healthy if the failure is recognized and used as a new starting point, but you have to know your own reasons for desiring a specific outcome.

Using the life force to your advantage takes a few easy lessons in self-awareness.Can you accept the fact that you are perfect just the way you are? Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly creating a perfect image of yourself based on your own beliefs. The life force insists on perfection by it’s own definition. This is the reality of life. You are what you think, and what you think is in perfect harmony with the rest of the universe. Everyone and everything has a reason for being.


© SFKaufman 2011

Excerpt from Life Force Energy Healing Exercises, a work in progress.

For more info on author, visit http://www.hanshi.com




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