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Who is Stephen F. Kaufman?

Many publishers and agents have difficulty in coming to terms with determining what my “platform” actually is and have asked me to elucidate on my work. “He writes about martial arts philosophy, management strategy and motivation, Taoism, fighting techniques, reality facilitation, spiritual ascension, children’s books, down and dirty gritty novels, male-female relationships, women’s empowerment, poems, and short stories. So how do we place him, and in what category does he fit? How can he possibly be able to cogently function on all of these genre levels and maintain the integrity of his work having written thirty-seven books?”

 I have also written music books based on 24 tone equal temperament scales relating to Western music, compose computer music, as well as being a hard-bop tenor sax player.

 Had enough? I haven’t. Keep watch for my output this year alone with about six new titles.

 Oh, did I forget? I am also heavily involved with NYC politics and ran for Councilman in 2009. I’m even being nudged to run for State Senator in 2012. I also hold the legitimate rank and title of Hanshi, the highest position attainable in the martial arts world, and I run a business.

 Let the publishers beware! Oh, and by the way, Leonardo, move over! Have you seen my anti-gravity device? It’s simple, folks! I am a bonafide renaissance man in the truest sense of the word and deeds.

Want to know more?

Visit http://www.hanshi.com


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