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Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance

Week 2

I Change My World

I come to understand the simplicity of creating a life experience for myself that empowers me to change my world for the benefit of all concerned. By making these changes with myself as the primary recipient of good, I accept the reality of the definitions for things that I want manifested in my life. Knowing this reality, I acknowledge that I can give all of myself to all who are open to my gifts. My evolving awareness of the power of self-revealization acceptance empowers me to use it with more ease and grace each time I invoke its authority and I take the required time to think through and define exactly what I want to experience. I include all aspects of my life that concern my health, my finances, my work, and my relationships. I am firmly convinced that this is the right action for me to follow to live life by my divine right to live in joy and freedom. Knowing that the Spirit of the Thing Itself delivers to me exactly what I desire in total completeness according to my thoughts, I continue to redefine my goals until I have exactly what I want in my life. Recognizing and accepting the messages from my intuition, I am capable of determining my own destiny and I am happy to do so. I declare myself free from the confines of being unduly influenced by others to act in accordance with their wishes. I refuse to permit my life to be governed by inappropriate fantasies, but rather a strict verbalization of my desires in easy to understand words. I do not get confused or side-tracked by random and incorrect thoughts while I am focusing on new ideas I grant myself through my self-revealization acceptances. New clarity of thought and clarity of purpose revealed to me by the Spirit of the Thing Itself helps me to understand my new personally accepted authority for my own benefit and I use it to better experience all the wonderfulness I desire. I accept my gifts with complete gratitude knowing that I will continue to enhance my life by my own true desire and to change the world to a better place for the benefit of all concerned. I give thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for this inordinate ability to learn and accept the power of self-revealization acceptancefor the enhancement of my consciousness.

Excerpt from my forthcoming book, Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life.

© SFKaufman 2011

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