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Hanshi Damashi

Hanshi Damashi is an exposition to expound the philosophy that maintained the structure of Japanese society for nearly one thousand years. In the late eighteen hundreds, the leadership of Japan sought to quell the ideal of “service” in an attempt to modernize itself with regards to the rest of the world, especially the Western mentality. This writing is a contemporary account of the manner in which people must conduct themselves if they would to be at peace with the world and themselves while maintaining harmony with the universe.

2 —Think well of yourself and let that be your answer.
How you present yourself to the world is all important. It is an indicator of your self-worth. It is not to be used with the intention of impressing others based on their lack of self-esteem and general inability to come to terms with themselves. If you concern yourself with the thoughts of others before you concern yourself with thoughts of yourself, you will give them cause to criticize and judge you and your actions. When you become enamored of yourself, you will be sure to make implausible errors and certainly enemies. This happens because you are thinking about what others may be thinking about you. This eventually creates interpersonal conflict which leads to war. Thinking well of yourself includes the development of your skills in and through any art form you practice or life-style you pursue. It is essential that you maintain the integrity of your own being first before attempting to influence others about their own. If you do not think in the way of the samurai, that is, to be of service to any and all concerned by maintaining your own vision, then you are worthless to yourself as well because you are not in harmony with your own mentality and desired thought.

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