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Excerpt from the Living Tao


Poem 5

The world appears to be unkind

Filled with generals and others who would usurp each and all

Empty promises fill the void

The earth is as a shallow grave

Straw dogs seek recompense

It does not mean they will receive it

Wise men are best unlistened to

Their hearts seem filled with ingratitude

Discussions of right and wrong are never ending

They fill the heavens with meaningless clutter

Each man seeking his own never finds it in another

As all things fill the void with no-thing

It is best to listen to your own heart

Without offering blame

Understand your truth

Never expect others to give you the right to their own hearts regardless of their good intentions—or their apparent weakness. No one is immune to the soul-rending cries of confusion. Each man reaches for Heaven in his own way. Yet when Heaven is asked in the right manner, It gushes forth with all the joy you can accept. When things seem to be at their worst, you should understand that you have to change your approach to the meaning of your own life. Never find faults in others, especially when you are unable to see your own.

If your teacher tells you to do something, listen until you understand. If your teacher does not satisfy your soul, then you should seek another, unless you feel you are capable of teaching yourself. At the point where you seek your own counsel, be sure to know your own truth. If you seek justice without a guide, then you must not be confused by Divine Right Action.

While Heaven is completely at your disposal, It insists that you be Its own, but It does not care. When you are in agreement with Heaven, all things are revealed. No longer will you have to consider the opinions of others. Anything of value has no value, unless you use it for its purpose.

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