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Life Force Energy Healing Exercises – a work in progress

Here’s a snippet from a book I am working on that involves a fresh concept on life force energy healing.  I will not reveal the technique name at this time until it is ready for publishing.



Three simple questions!

1 – Who are you?

2 – Who do you thinkyou are?

3 – Who do you want to be?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself these questions thousands of times and have always come up with the same answers. You don’t know.

Your friends have probably even told you that the only way you can be yourself is simply to be yourself. It sounds good on paper, but how do you get it to work in your life? Certainly, you have attitudes that have become an integral part of you. Many of your attitudes have become negative simply by living. You may not even be aware of many of them. You have to break these concepts if you are to move forward.

Now, how do you do that?

When you accept things as they are and do nothing about changing them, then you are lacking aspects of self-esteem which may have come about without your even noticing them. How many times have you been told by friends and relatives that you are not the person you once were? On the other hand, if you are steadfast in your own mind and refuse to make changes, you probably won’t attain your goals. Confusion is everywhere and you must wonder what is going on.

It is the attainment of your desires that makes life worth living. You can only enjoy the fruits of your labors after you have sown the seeds. If you are attempting to do new things, then you have to act and think in new ways. However, it is essential to maintain a sane approach to rethinking your life. Even professional athletes do not attempt record breaking feats when they are out of shape and trying to get back to it. They retrain until they are ready and they learn this from their experiences as well as their coaches. It is sound advice to take things one step at a time, especially in the beginning, and to proceed along the path with a firm purpose. You will see yourself doing hard things with much more ease.

Problems in life occur when we try to please everyone before we please ourselves. You may have certain ingrained attitudes that have to be overcome in a completely different way, especially if these attitudes have crept into your life without your having been aware of their appearance.

With my life force energy healing exercises, you are going to clean out all the junk in your head and your life as a result of working with this method. Its easy! Those things that are good for you will remain good for you, but those things that cause grief in your life will be changed.

Step-by-step you will amaze yourself at the results you gain almost immediately. It includes the release of mental tensions as well as a better overall physical feeling. I will show you how to be consciously successful in your endeavors and how to change the normally expected negative results of your life into tremendous pleasure. It is based on your simple acceptance of a new concept of thinking of success. And, you will be successful. Why? Because you want to be.

Any time you feel that you are going too far for what you consider to be comfortable, put the book down for a while and think about what you are being taught to do. By the time you make that decision, you will have already noticed changes coming over you and you will probably like them anyway. Your body will be responding correctly and you won’t be complaining about sore muscles or joints from the exercises and you won’t be complaining about headaches, backaches, or any old notions of discomfort. You will be thinking in new directions. And remember, there is no need to rush anything. Take your time and enjoy yourself.Rememberyou! You may also learn that you are the most important person you can ever know, and don’t listen to others who may tell you something different.

There is no universal remedy for anything in life. The only thing we have is ourselves and trust fully someone or something that will help us learn to empower ourselves to live the life we want to live and not the life that others want us to live that we may or may not even be aware of.

In my life force energy healing exercises, there are no physically intense exercises and it is not necessary to go through extended warm-up periods prior to your sessions. I do suggest that you loosen up by stretching your muscles and swinging your limbs in a manner that relaxes you. This makes you feel better anyway.

Here are some hints for preparing for your personal sessions. Telling yourself the following will empower you to enhance your own expectations and to enjoy fully what you are doing.

1 – “ I’m really going to get something of value out of this session.”

2 – “Whatever is in my head that seems to be controlling me, by the authority of my own word, it no longer has any authority in my life”

3 – “I will be patient with my Self and I hereby expect pleasure from the exercises.”

4 – “Whatever I don’t understand, I will reread and attempt again the exercises. I will succeed, and I know I will.”

5 – “I am prepared to change my life to my advantage and I feel good about doing so. Here I go!”

Can it be as simple as that to clear my head of the debris that has accumulated over all of the past years? If you don’t seem to be able to clear yourself, don’t worry. There will be plenty of tension released during your session, and know without restraint as well that you are going to rid yourself of lots of hostility and you will do it without exerting yourself. The anger you normally feel when you have a desire to avenge yourself on someone or something will also dissipate. You will feel much better about yourself.

With rare exception, everyone, including myself, has at one time or another wanted to strike out at someone or something. There is nothing wrong with this kind of thinking if it is dealt with through restraint of your emotions. Endeavor to permit this destructive energy into a creative act instead. As a matter of fact, it’s healthy to release anger, but it should be done constructively. There are productive ways to do it. If you didn’t let the anger out in one way or another, you would probably explode from an apoplexy. Screaming is also healthy. So is hitting the wall, but that hurts. There has to be another way to release this pent up anger and hostility. Working with my life force energy healing exercises is the way. Many people pursue a study of karate, tai-chi, or aikido, as well as other martial arts, probably because they have difficulty with tensions and wish to keep themselves under control. There is nothing wrong with that type of exercising, but we are going to do it in a much simpler form.

You should now have a clear idea about what you are embarking upon. You will be glad that you did!


© SFKaufman 2010

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