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The Lady of the Rings Speaks

In order to understand the value of strategy, you must see things from another perspective, even if it may seem distasteful to you in the beginning. When Musashi says there is only one way to hold the sword, you should understand that the sword and everything that can be associated with it in any form is the same thing. Your vagina as a sword is probably more deadly than Musashi’s steel sword ever was. Your attache case is also a sword. Your kitchen utensils are also a sword. Your powder and makeup is also a sword. Everything must be utilized in the proper fashion. The manner in which you present yourself to the world is also a sword. And remember that swords can also be used to bring harm to yourself if you are not aware of the intrinsic properties.

Be firm in your approach to all others and only relax when it is to your advantage to do so. When shaking another’s hand, do so with firmness and pliability. When you offer something to someone, make sure you are handling it to them in the manner that you would want something handed to you. Never thrust anything into another’s face. Hand it to them gently, yet directly. Direct it to them with your thumb and forefinger holding the offering. When you embrace your lover, do so with authority. This will let them know that they are indeed fortunate to have you as their lover and friend. You are not to permit any other form of contact else you will be considered a bauble. You should be too important to yourself to permit this to happen.

View all things from a complete vantage point of seeing all things around you even when in an intimate embrace. Keep your eyes open even if they are momentarily shut.

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