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Understanding Selfishness

 Pure selfishness is the best thing as it is the giving of any aspect of yourself with the sure knowledge that the equivalent good, or preferably better, returns to you without your having to wonder where or when it is going to come. It is a form of giving that is without expectation of reward and is a mature, intelligent, logical, and realistic attitude to have. By your very act of giving, all good things grow through you as new experiences while opening new areas of consciousness that you may never have been aware of. This includes money and love, the two things that everyone wants but many people fear having because of insecurities as a result of negative sentiment and manipulative grace. Pure selfishness is based on self-love, but it must be correctly understood. It is an expression of appreciation to the Creative Power of the Universe.

Impure selfishness is foolish as well as debilitating! It is a form of being in love with yourself, and being in love with yourself is not to be confused with loving yourself. Being in love with yourself is demeaning and evidences a true lack of self-esteem. It is loaded with arrogance, conceit, and false pride, along with a general contempt for everyone and everything else. Impure selfishness destroys the good in your life whether you realize it or not. It limits the good that can come to you because of the general “comes around-goes around” principle. When you give something with impure selfishness, you give with a closed heart in the hopes of receiving it back in like amount, perhaps from the source you gave it to. You secretly hope you will not be losing what you are giving away. Hope, incidentally, is based on wishful thinking and is a limitation of acceptance.

When you give in the purity of totality and completeness, there is never a need to worry about losing anything. Knowing that all is returned in abundance and that the universe is not limited, anything and everything you could ever desire is available in larger amounts than can ever be conceived of or accepted. There is always more of everything, and with sincerity of giving, as mentioned above, you don’t have to know where and when it will come from. On the level of the Absolute, the Creative Power of the Universe, everything already exists and needs only to be accepted.

People who give through impure motives are expecting the same thing to come back to them and, therefore, limit their own good by not thinking in terms of better and more, irrespective of appearance. When giving, know that the same returns in equal or better share, positive or negative, depending upon your attitude. Likewise, building up ideas that no one appreciates you reinforces limitation and should be avoided at all costs. Not having self-trust in the Creative Power of the Universe causes you to seek gain from others instead of yourself. This leads to ever increasing arrogance, conceit, and false pride, which again results in misery based on limited joy. It is an erroneous perspective of magnificence because you cannot overcome the tragedy of your singular inconsequence. As an individual, you are too important to the overall aspect of creativity to restrict yourself for any reason, especially one that limits total joy and freedom in life. If you want to be miserable, fine, but at least get some pleasure from it. You can think you’re happy and not know the difference.

There is nothing negative about having a better life today than you did yesterday and you shouldn’t feel guilty if you desire it. Impurely selfish people lose the perspective of attainment in their lives. When we insist that we want something but demand that it be on our terms, we create a block. We can make all the right contacts with people who are willing to give us what we want, yet we fear to accept it thinking we will have to repay it in kind. You may hoard all of your money and in that manner become rich. But if you do not let it go, you will not enjoy the pleasure it can bring. The same applies to love. If you cannot give it, you cannot get it. Thinking that no one will maintain their affection towards us once they get what they want is a foolish attitude based on not knowing what love really is. If we were purely selfish and gave of ourselves unconditionally, we would enjoy all the love there is. We would be love. We would enjoy the emotional aspects as well as the physical, which includes great sex and comfort.

Give with pure selfishness and know that everything returns either equivalent to or greater than the amount that went out. The Universe is always expanding, and the more you give, the more will be returned. Prosperity constantly increases unless you shut if off. Pure selfishness is one of the truths of the universe.

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