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Regarding the Opposition with Perception and Sight

from Book Two – Water

Musashi — What would be the purpose of merely entertaining people for the sake of wasting time? If we are what we say we are, then we must proceed as we are and not permit ourselves to dabble with silly things. If a person wants to be a winner, he or she should endeavor to be a winner but only for the benefit of all concerned. Anything else is ridiculous. An attacking warrior must never stare at the opposition and neverlook at them in a contentious manner. Instead, see through them and they will lose commitment to their own ideal because they will focus their concentration in the wrong direction. Focusing and staring are not the same thing.

Kaufman — Distinguish between focusing and staring. Focus on them, yes, but if you stare, you will give away your intentions. It indicates contempt and disdain. Determined people are always cordial, even if one’s motives are something else. Make sure not to force people to become defensive and more than likely confrontational. If the opposition is indeed stronger, and always consider the possibility that they are, your attitude should prevent them from deferring their respect. Look through them without being obvious. In that manner use both qualities of perception and sight.

Sun Tzu — Perception and sight are important principles of any strategy. You will do well to base your perception on intuition. And, like everything else, it is developed through practice. The physical ability to use your eyes is called sight. There is a difference between perception and sight. Consider a situation where you may lose your physical sight but you do not lose your intuition. If you lose your sight, you cannot see. If you forego your intuition, you are blind. If you are blind to circumstances, you cannot maintain your composure.

Kaufman — Always look around the room or the area of negotiations. You will spot certain things that can be used to your advantage if you are aware of your surroundings. Those things that are present in physical form are indications of the mentality of the opposition and they should be used to help you control your feelings. If for any reason you are not comfortable with the conditions, which you should be anyway by not permitting things to interfere with your purpose, you will gain the intended outcome of the situation.
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