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The Hanshi’s Twitter Machine

One of the beauties of being an author and a philosopher is the random thought process put down on paper. When I began to put together apothegms, I didn’t know they were apothegms: essentially worthy little words of insight from a poetic perspective. I thought they were just “hip”, if you will, one-liners. I would think up these incredible adages such as, “If you’re going to play, play. Don’t play!” then, “Intelligence is no excuse for intelligence,” “There is no such thing as yin and yang, which is not to suggest that yin and yang do not exist” and so on. Eventually, I had amassed over 400 of these tasty morsels of wisdom and the list continues to grow. A friend suggested that I put them together into a book, and I of course immediately said, “No!” She said in her subtle but persuasive manner that they should be done to a turn and put into some sort of collection for posterity being that they do indeed amuse, bemuse, confuse, and in some instances, defuse. I must agree that she hit it on the head when I started to put them on Twitter just to see if there would be a result. There was and an interesting one at that. Go figure how this viral thing works. Now I am building a decent following and I am starting to get emails about what does this mean and what does that mean. I have even undertaken to actually put together a book entitled “Hanshi Damashi,” which is a compilation of these aphorisms from the viewpoint of a martial arts master. Or, would you prefer to call them axioms? Hook up to me on twitter, http://www.twitter.com/hanshikaufman and you’ll have some fun along with the others.

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