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52 Ascensions – What my students and friends can expect next

Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance to Empower Your Life

Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance is the second book in the opus of Self-Revealization Acceptance, an original concept in personal life reality facilitation discovered by the author after many years of experience with healing systems. This astonishing approach first introduced to the public in 1993, and now being imitated by countless others, is the first serious modern self-empowerment concept that has successfully transformed thousands of lives. This book, a continuation of the founder’s personal study, is composed of fifty-two specific and profound SRA’s to cover all aspects of daily living that focus on the accomplishment of desire according to the practitioner’s mind.

With instructions for activating this profound power of personal authority, the author empowers the reader to develop inordinately powerful technique that instantly transforms the Creative Power of the Universe to deliver exactly what is desired through the medium of the Spirit of the Thing Itself so desired.

Avoiding any use of so-called new age mumbo-jumbo, the practicality of this second book in the Self-Revealization Acceptance canon continues to assist anyone to attain the highest levels of focus and concentration on personal ideals without causing any stress or strain.
Self-Revealization Acceptance is a truly unique and heretofore unrevealed concept that is guaranteed to bring about the desired results of anything wanted with sincerity.

In conjunction with the previous work, Introduction to Self-Revealization Acceptance, a complete method for controlling the universe is revealed.

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