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In the Words of Sun Tzu

from Book One

Correct strategies must be developed by methods that enable the warlord to bring about the implementation of his true beliefs. It does not matter how he does this. He must, however, make sure that his own house is protected before going into the field.
Going into the field means that all preparations are in place and effort can be minimized by using a primary tool of war—deception. The warlord must look busy doing something else when he is in fact positioning himself intelligently and with strength. Eniemies must never see you in direct motion, such as coming at them. Enemies must never make sense of your actions.
In war it is essential to make the enemy think one thing while you deliver a strike from another direction. It is essential to keep the enemy off balance, even by feigning assistance to him. Make him think you are befriending him while you plan his demise.
Destroy your enemy in any way you can, but never forget that he may have resources as well and may be prepared for your attack. Consider him a fool for self-aggrandizement if it is appropriate, but do not become vain in your estimation of him nor permit yourself to consider him weak-minded, regardless of appearnace. Remember, you did not invent war and he may be maintaining his place of power in the same manner that you maintain yours. Never think that he is incapable of destroying you.
Do what I tell you to do. You will then always be successful in war. If you ask what happens if he does the same things to you, you do not understand what I am talking about. Study deeply.

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