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Self-Revealization Acceptance Sample

There is one creative energy in the universe and I have the power and authority to use it for my own means. I now consciously choose to do so in wholeness and completeness as I align my thinking to be in complete harmony as an expression of my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. I maintain calmness and peace of mind as I proceed to demand of myself to use all its power in me, as me, and through me. I reinforce my understanding of this truth as I increase my ability to work with Self-Revealization Acceptance and practice it as real, practical, and functional. Accepting this reality of being, I am no longer led into dependence on anything other than my self and do not fear this choice. From this moment forward, no person, place, or thing will influence me other than by my choice for the enhancement of my greater good. Through this acceptance, I think of what I want and experience tangible results of my thoughts demonstrating in me, as me, and through me. By means of this acceptance, I change unwanted conditions into experiences that are pleasant and productive. The power of my words become stronger and more sincere with every repetition as my belief in my own ability becomes more pronounced and powerful. Any thinking that has created confusion and pain in my past is no longer acceptable, and by acknowledging erroneous choices, I negate it in totality as I define my new desires with renewed clarity of thinking. Old ideas of lack change to new ideas of abundance and limitlessness as my desires manifest with ease and grace in all areas of my life. I accept this new reality knowing that the Spirit of the Thing Itself of all I desire is brought to me by my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. I now declare myself free of negative sentiment and manipulative grace permitting my new thinking to guide me according to my true desires with clarity of purpose. I accept myself as the producer of my own life and praise myself for having made the choice to enhance my better good with complete and total success. I accept the words of this Self-Revealization Acceptance as true knowingness with comfort and joyful expectancy as I give thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for these profound revealizations.

For more understanding of this unique Reality Facilitation concept, read my book Self-Revealization Acceptance – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.

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