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The Lady of the Rings Speaks

from The Book of Earth

Nobody lives forever. That’s obvious, but what isn’t too obvious is that although most people know that time is limited, there is only enough to live properly and enjoy yourself without aggravation if that is possible. So why do people, especially women, get into stupid situations and relationships that can only bring pain? Because that is what we are taught, subliminally or not, when we are gowing up. You will get married, you will raise a family, and you will live happily aver after.
So how come I don’t know anyone who lives that way? Why? Because it doesn’t work that way! Life is filled with constant growth or living death. Fear of the unknown That’s what it is. The idea that I can’t make my own life, even though I am doing just that. It seems there always has to be an external authority that can control me regardless of what I feel in my heart. Even when I know I am right, I always have the tendency to expect acceptance from others, consciously or not. Yet time after time I have observed that we women are stronger than men emotionally, but succumb to the idea that physical strength rules the day. Women don’t make war; men do. Yet a man will always run to a woman’s breast for comfort.
When I began my business, I was alone and without encouragement. Yet I had the personal courage and resolve to go forward with my desire. I knew nothing about cooking or business but didn’t let that stop me. Without any particular talent, I determined that I would keep at it until I succeeded. I would learn what I had to learn and eat the debris of my mistakes until I became master of my own destiny. I soon learned that some form of higher intelligence in the universe would always see to my well being if I demanded that it do so. And guess what? It did and it still does. In all accomplishment, the true believer in herself understands the only real measure of ability is in being able to overcome the self-imposed odds.
It was essential that I learn the rules of strategy. Though this Musashi fellow was a man, I am sure that his own enlightenment far exceeded individuality in women or men and that he thought universally. Being female or male had nothing to do with his development and, therefore, I could think on his level as well. If what he taught was not universal, then by restriction of the intellect it would be false. He wrote this book after he had retired from his life as a swordsman. What is relevant is that he lived to tell the story and that is why I believe it to be valid for anyone who can see through their own prejudices.
Strategy is a deliberate and specific method for accomplishment of any ideal. The techniques involved in the learning process of anything are revealed only to those who truly want to experience personal freedom.

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