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Everyone and Everything in the Universe is a Complete and Total Success

There is no such thing as failure. Everyone is successful by virtue of experiencing the life desired and the life not desired. Success, though, is usually confused with an accumulation of “things” such as houses, cars, clothes, etc., and many people who appear to have an abundance of “things” in their lives are often dismally unhappy with many other aspects. By personal thoughts, they are successful in getting exactly what they want, whether or not they are conscious of it and whether or not it is personally good for them. The reality though is that “things” are only extensions of thought, and in fact, “things” have to do only with acceptance of the life you wish to live and the conditions you wish to experience. No one can do anything for you, or to you, unless you accept their authority, but it is still based on your thoughts. Strengths and weaknesses are maintained by your own thinking regardless of the control you permit others to have for whatever reasons you deem valid and appropriate.
When you take control of your life, and the responsibility for its outcome, there is no one to blame for anything, except yourself, and there is also no one to praise, except yourself. Praise is important; blame is not. There is never reason to blame yourself for past mistakes, unless you permit yourself to experience the same thing time after time and do nothing to change it. Be aware though, that when you begin to make changes and take more control of your life, there will be a separation from many of the people and things you know. If you understand your desired changes for the good, your life will be enhanced. As well, be unconcerned about inconveniencing others if they are impediments to your happiness. Use the Power of the Universe and live your life with passion while accepting your own greatness—the same greatness that anyone has ever had. Anyone!

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