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You are on your way towards enlightenment. But you will never attain it. Why? Because you are finite in form and, therefore, cannot comprehend the Infinite.
When you attempt to define the Infinite, your finite thinking will interfere with It. The “Spirit of the Thing Itself” is thereby restricted by your arrogance. It will be unable to produce what it knows is best for you. Attempts to stop impressing your attitude on others are also detrimental to your progress. It is best to stop thinking about what you are doing entirely and simply do it. This does not mean to become unconscious and lackadaisical towards your work. After you see what the result of your efforts are, you can decide to change the direction of the work you are doing to attain the results you desire.
Stop thinking! You are not qualified to do so on the level of the Infinite and will only cause yourself grief. Considering the value of another in relation to you leads to envy and jealousy as well because your ego will interfere. Self-aggrandizement is not self-knowing and ego trips will restrict you even further causing additional confusion and frustration. And so the cycle continues.

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