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The Importance of Proper Demeanor

from The Sword in the Boardroom

Knowing the manner in which people carry themselves is of utmost importance to a person’s overall poise: mentally and physically. I personally depise slothful and shoddy attitudes because I am aware that the mind and body maintain an individual’s demeanor. This attitude is used by people who appear to be doing nothing yet exude an aura of power through quietness and sublime accomplishment. Regardless of feelings, which should be controlled by mastery of the self, never appear to be tense or in disarray. Spend the necessary time in front of your dressing table to prepare for the day’s events while carefully reviewing your intentions. Be self-confident without being overbearing and never exhibit arrogance, conceit, or false pride. Act with one purpose: controlling the entire realm for the benefit of all concerned. Accomplishments are based on being straightforward and acting with your heart and soul. Know when and when not to act, being sure to make notes in a journal for those things that need to be more carefully thought about.
Compile a list of situations that you handled incorrectly because of appearances not being what they seemed to be. What was your reaction and why? How did you resolve it? When we reflect on situations in our lives, especially those that we seem unable to control, we can quickly learn about our weaknesses as well as our strengths. Introspection permits us to correct certain attitudes regardless of any anger we may feel towards others or ourselves due to the absurdity of conditions that permitted the situation to develop in the first place. It is worth repeating. Do not let personal feelings interfere with good judgment. Nonetheless, by being prepared for the unexpected, we are able to deal effectively with any inappropriate action. People of grand achievement always stress the need to plan before going into an encounter of any type. In such manner, you can deal with anything that comes your way, on the spot.

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