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Self-Defense with a Stick, Cane, or Umbrella

from Zen and the Art of Stickfighting

Self-defense is comprised of fundamental actions used by an individual to protect him, or herself, with sensible and controlled techniques. All of the devices—a stick, cane, or umbrella—are used as examples. Get used to the idea of not relying on any particular device. Your repertoire will increase based on your amount of practice. Practice until your stick, cane, or umbrella is a part of you. As your efforts begin to show results, you will find certain techniques work more smoothly. This is because your body works in its own way and cannot be compared to someone else’s.
There is no such thing as the ultimate method, and no style is more effective than any other, regardless of the culture from which it emanates. The only thing that really matters is your desire to succeed in your endeavor. Do not expect the style to be the winner in a challenge. Practice and develop your own ideas. They are as valid as anything else. Once you understand the basics, the development of any art depends upon your desire to master it.

ZEN TIP: You can only fight the way you practice.

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