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The Lady of the Rings Speaks

from The Book of Water

The chapter on Water contains all there is to know about Musashi’s two-sided philosophy. It is curious that I have always held certain of his teachings in my mind without even being aware that I was doing so. Upon further reflection and research, I have found certain other books to be relevant to Musashi’s philosophy that were either written by women or about the ideas that women in history have used to promote their own ideals.
I realized there was no limit to my ability as I grew more aware of what I was trying to accomplish. I came to understand that the strategic principles being taught to me were useful in any area I approached. Insight is insight, and I learned not to think of myself as a neophyte, but took the idea into my head that I was already a master of my own reality and that all things to reinforce that idea were being revealed to me step by step as I continued to increase my self-esteem. It became more and more necessary for me to make sure that I understood what I was reading and that what I thought about was clearly defined in my mind prior to investigation. For those of you who think that this book should only be an exercise in reading philosophy, you will miss the point of the Rings in its entirety. Although simple ideas can be developed, to not understand what you are reading and then trying to apply them can throw you way off course and only create deep confusion leading to the inability to proceed in your own destiny. As a woman writing about what is considered a man’s role in life, it is essential that you not only talk about these ideas, but that you apply them to your life as I did, and as a result, attaining levels that I hadn’t even considered a possibility. Don’t think in terms of being a liberated female. Think in terms of being a liberated achiever. Your own destiny will reveal itself to you as you come to understand strategy.

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