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What Self-Revealization Acceptance Is

Self-Revealization Acceptance brings into functional and tangible form all the creative energy of the universe as it is instructed to reveal itself. Self-Revealization Acceptance affects the release of any and all limitations and restrictions—mental, physical, and spiritual. It will profoundly influence your life and teach you to use the One Power of the Universe, as you see fit. This is easily accomplished by accepting any chosen definition of life and knowing it is done. Working with the wisdom of the universe and the knowledge that all things change and grow, correct thinking and proper words will manifest all desires. And, it is done with ease and grace.
There is no need to worry about fears and self-doubts that may appear when you begin to change your life-style and relationships. Self Revealization Acceptance teaches you how to live life in abundance because you do not change the attitudes of other people and things in relation to yourself by coercion—you change your attitudes towards them. The results are that things change their attitudes towards you—and that’s a whole different story. This may sound like an old story, but the difference is that you will be given exacting tools to bring about change without deep meditation or any other form of self-exploration.

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