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In the Words of Sun Tzu

from Book 1

Treat all of your staff as equals and permit each member of yout staff to know they are special in their place. But do not let them think they are equal to you. If they realize they are not your equal, they will not try to assume command, thereby undermining your efforts. See that your staff treats their subordinates in the same fashion as you treat yours.
A warlord must appear to be all things to all men, but first he must be true to himself and not permit indecisiveness to rule his destiny. There can be no room for indecision and nothing less than full commitment to the ideal. These principles must be grounded in his heart. It must be expressed through his actions towards his men: they will know if his affection is real or false and they will act accordingly.
If warriors under your command follow your instructions, you will have great success.Reward them well and reward them equally, but not too often. If you feel otherwise, for whatever reason, or they give you cause to suspect that their true natures are not sympathetic to yours, they should be disposed of immediately and in proper fashion. If they cannot be trusted with you, then for certain they cannot be trusted among your enemies. If you permit them to remain in your presence, they might rush to the other side and reveal your plans when it is least expected. Do not take this chance. War does not permit faltering personal belief. Never seek to assuage the non-sympathetic in an attempt to convert them to your way of thinking. Empathy will be seen as a sign of weakness among your loyal followers. Men who do not follow instructions can never lead as commanders. They serve no purpose other than to use up valuable resources and create dissension. Dispose of them.
Compassion must be reserved for those who truly need it, and it must be offered with leniency, not indulgence. It debilitates and weakens the strong in their resolve to fight for you. Never try to win someone over by changing your stategy in hopes of befriending them. Hope is nothing more than wishful thinking and must be avoided at all costs: it abrogates definitive focus and creates false friends who are worse than true enemies. It also brings about flatterers. You must truly believe in your own ideal. Preparations for war cannot be intellectual exercises.
If these matters are given due consideration by one who is astute, then victory is practically assured, notwithstanding the fates.

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