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The Ten Successful Attitudes of a Master

from Book 1: Earth—Fundamental Attitudes

Life and desire must be constantly meditated on. The following ten attitudes, which should be foremost in a man’s mind and heart and acceptance of these simple truths, will guide you accordingly and help you develop the confidence you need.

1. Be honest in your dealings with yourself. It will reflect through everything you

2. Know and realize that constant study is the only way to learn anything.

3. Be open to new ideas and be aware of as many arts and disciplines as possible.

4. Study the strategies of other arts and disciplines with understanding and
retention of fact.

5. Know the difference between right and wrong in actions, words, deeds, thought,
and feelings.

6. Will yourself to understand everything about yourself. You will then understand

7. Look deeply within to see that which cannot be seen. Answers are always revealed.

8. Overlook nothing out of haste regardless of experience or appearance. Have

9. Do not waste time by doing things that will impede your progress and cause you
to be angry.

10. Do not associate with things or people beneath your level of integrity.

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