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Zen and the Art of Stickfighting

from Forward Strikes and Attacks

There are infinite combinations that can be used with a stick, cane, or umbrella, but it is not possible to list and demonstrate all of them. The techniques in this book are practical and will serve your purposes when you understand them. Before attempting to develop your skills, certain things must be taken into consideration, which will help you develop more quickly and with intelligent effectiveness.
Correct form and balance are required to produce effective and efficient strikes. Remember to practice counterattacks with left-, right-, and two hand techniques. Utilize stepping and shifting in, out, and to the side. Maintain the attitude of cutting through the target while going into the attack. (Read my Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings to gain an increased understanding of cutting through as well as other combat stategies.) Practice until you are aware of the possibilities of strikes and counterattacks. You will be able to defend yourself regardless of circumstance and will develop correct balance to strike at a target from any direction.

Zen Tip
Coordinate your body movements and apply the attack as one action.

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