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Contemplating Strategy

from The Book of Earth

Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is sufficient to finish one section of a job without having planned its continuation. If you are going to construct a desk, you must plan for drawers, knobs, etc. If not, the work may appear to be aesthetically pleasing, but in reality will be disharmonious with the Universe. Masters plan for contingency even when it appears that they are only improvising. The presentation of an idea, apparently improvised, is only valid if there has been adequate study and preparation on the part of the teacher who can then deliver the information in the proper sequences. A master achieves the Way by being devoted to the art, while the art itself reveals its true identity to a warrior only when the “spirit of the thing itself” feels comfortable with the warrior as a vehicle for its own expression.
If you wish to follow my Way of strategy, you must do sufficient research and study. Doing sufficient research means that you must devote yourself as much as possible to the study of these ideas—to the degree with which you feel that you will have accomplished that which you wanted to accomplish. The level of commitment that you give to it will indicate to it what to reveal of itself to you. I knew what I was going to do when I began this book, and my steadfast devotion permitted the “spirit of the thing iself” to produce the results.

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