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The Lady of the Rings Speaks

from The Book of Earth, as told by Ann Davis

The final part of the chapter called Earth talks about matters that are of utmost importance to an individual in the daily course of life. They seem hard to accomplish, and perhaps they are, depending on where you are coming from. But reflection on these matters is worth the time and effort, or rhythm, if you wish, to understand them.
1 – Always endeavor to think honestly within yourself when dealing with others. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, or won’t keep. Don’t say one thing and then do something else.
2 – Always keep in mind your desire and self-proclaimed destiny. Don’t let anything distract or detract you from your goals.
3 – Study as many things as possible and learn from them how they can be applied to your own craft. Even if something makes absolutely no sense, be patient and look deeper until you see the same thing in your own desires.
4 – Truly try to understand that which you seemingly can’t come to terms with. There is value in everything, or there is value in nothing, which is not to be confused with no-thing. But that comes later.
5 – Strive to know the difference between right and wrong according to your own morality and the morality of those you are dealing with. You may not agree with something specific, but it may be perfectly adequate for the person you are dealing with.
6 – Keep looking for understanding of your higher self. Develop your inner judgement for all matters that cross your path.
7 – See that which cannot be seen. This is the idea about intuition. Try to remember that intuition is not always correct.
8 – Pay attention to the smallest details in everything you do, and don’t take someone else’s answers for your questions unless you truly and instinctively trust that someone.
9 – Don’t waste your time with those that are beneath your level of integrity and anyone who might interfere with your dignity and respectability.
10 – Once you have set your goals, do not even permit yourself to interfere with their attainment. You will never forgive yourself, and though it may cost you emotions or relationships, decide for yourself their worth.
I have to tell you the truth ladies. I never had such a teacher as this Musashi. Of course, the fact that he didn’t like women in direct amorous relationships, which I subsequently learned from further study, I would have sure liked putting it down for him.
When you have decided to study the above attitudes, you must proceed with diligence, deliberateness, devotion to your ideal, and comfort in knowing that you will ascend to your level of perfection, and it will constantly grow within you. You will thank yourself for having learned a new respect based on your true desire and not on a false attitude that can interfere with your accomplishments.
The greatest thing I have ever learned is to give with all of my heart. And if the recipient doesn’t appreciate it, then I simply, and without malice, move along. The whole Book of Five Rings taught me that no one and nothing is as important as my sense of self-respect and the innate knowledge that I am able to achieve anything that I desire.

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