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No Introduction is Needed

 No one needs an introduction to life—everyone has opinions about what they think it should be. Regardless, most people see things through the eyes of others rather than their own, and the result is that much of life’s wonderfulness is missed while the majority of experiences are less than enjoyable and most events are seen as one battle after another. If you perceive things in this manner, but sincerely want to change your expectations and goals, redefine your thinking and your experiences will be different. The true secret to winning the so-called battles of life is not in understanding why things happen, or why they don’t, but rather in knowing what you want, reaching out, and accepting it as yours by your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. Life is based on personal choices, for better or for worse, and the desire to see them through—to completion. Sometimes it is easy to bring about change, perhaps, but a clear idea of what you desire to experience is essential. Limitations that have been in place for as long as you care to remember must be negated, their authority disavowed, and replaced with conditions you feel are right for you as you learn to accept your good bounty. This is not easy in the beginning because of the experiences based on your past thinking and feeling while going from day to day, but it can be done with a practical technique called Self-Revealization Acceptance working through the Spirit of the Thing Itself. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover how quick it is to learn to work with this technique and concept.

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