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The Tao

from Introduction to The Living Tao

The “Tao” enables those with a true desire to approximate the Universal ideal. By constant repetition of the truths in one’s mind, heart, and soul, the ideal can be attained, though I have yet to meet someone who has.
“Tao” is the “Way” of the universe, the whole universe, including every flower and stone. However, it goes much deeper than that. The “Way” as an explainable thing cannot be the Way at all. The thing that is named is not the thing itself but only the words that try to identify it. The virtue of the Tao means “a way to go and to act.” There is a great misunderstanding towards the nature of virtue. It is not to be confused with the “Tao” itself. It is a notion of the intellect that proceeds to bring us to one more level of understanding than previously understood. It is not meant as a direction in a traveling sense, but rather as an approach/non-approach to a higher truth based on our own morality. Understanding comes through language, which is not to be construed as language in words. It is intuitive language that does not use words, but is clearly understood by those wishing to do so. This is based on personal choice and is not confusing when thought about.
I firmly believe in the idea of a greater knowledge than I myself can ever come to understand in my finite condition. I refer to this greater knowledge as the “Spirit of the Thing Itself”. This is not meant to be a mystical term. It is to put myself and my reader into a proper frame of reference towards the universe.
All interpretations as well as divulgement of profound truths are my own. Any errors in judgment exact their own price in my living my life and so there are no excuses. There are no practice sessions. Nor are there time or space limitations. The Tao is an explanation of life, nothing more, nothing less.

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