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Strategy Consulting and Seminar Structure

What I do when called in to consult and to structure organizations is best described by saying that I bring value to meetings and lecture forums. Based on my concept of “winning for the benefit of all concerned,” which is the sub-title of Sword in the Boardroom, I empower clients and groups to quickly realize new goals and ambitions. My interactive approach creates new enthusiasm for the work place while most attendees develop a new respect for their respective firms and its goals. An added benefit to having me lead your personnel is the added benefit of enhancement of their personal lives.
For further information on the types of seminars and courses I offer, refer to http://kaufmanspeaks.hanshi.com/courses.htm

The areas I strongly focus on include:
Accepting responsibility for one’s life,
Increasing motivation to unprecedented levels,
Taking frustration and rejection in stride,
Developing a strong creative urge,
Absorbing and retaining information,
Turning information into knowledge,
Becoming adept in the use of language,
Maintaining high energy levels,
Gaining management’s confidence,
Developing the art of influencing others,
Maintaining a professional appearance,
Determining project completion,
Staying positive and optimistic,
Turning your mistakes to your advantage,
Employing sensitivity for the needs of all,
Learning and keeping a good sense of humor.

For more info, go to http://www.hanshi.com


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