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The Hanshi of Central Park – Book One in the Hanshi David Mann Adventure Series

Introducing Hanshi David Mann

Hanshi is the highest rank attainable in the martial arts world. To receive this rank, a man must be a very skilled and field-proven warrior, an exemplary teacher, and a leader of men. However, that is not the only reason for the title, which can only be conferred by his peers. A Hanshi is a man of high personal honor who has devoted his life to his discipline, and in his world, he is the ultimate authority—a combination of Supreme Court Justice and five-star general.
But, he is also a real person. Hanshi David Mann lives in New York City. His peers and associates consider him one of the most skilled of their rank, and honor him as “ohanshi,” the supreme title given to a revered teacher. His temperament and philosophy of life are based on over sixty years of living and five decades of martial study and practice. His quiet, Zen-like life is structured on non-structure. He teaches at his dojo, writes books, and works out with some of his students every dawn in Central Park.
One morning, Hanshi David Mann inadvertently becomes involved in a NYPD drug bust gone wrong and his life is forever changed.

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