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The Sword in the Boardroom

Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned

What would have happened if Sun Tzu, Musasahi, and Kaufman met and conversed on the art of negotiation in high-power deal making and enterprise control? The Sword in the Boardroom talks about all of their ideas, clearly and with functionality for today’s world.
In a synthesis of their teachings and based on the author’s two major best-selling works, Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Stephen Kaufman expresses the views of the masters to address realistic strategies for the development of business negotiation skills for today’s world without ambiguous metaphor and academic phraseology. A martial-thinking approach stresses “winning for the benefit of all concerned” with the negotiator as the main recipient of good and as the only correct and intelligent way to do something effectively and efficiently. This book readily dispels the naive notion of a win-win mentality.
Exercises included in the text empower the reader to learn the true meaning of universality in business and human negotiations while focusing on the attitudes needed for personal victory, among them, proper planning for operations, assessing the opposition, correct treatment of personnel, effective evaluation of other “camps,” and above all, maintaining control of circumstances. The reader learns from a world-renowned distinguished martial arts grandmaster and educator how to examine personal motivation while being introduced to the concept of the “Spirit of the Thing Itself” that is the definitive force of the universe.

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