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A New Universe Opens and Expands

Week 25

Always seeking new ways to understand my abilities and talents, I envision new opportunities in every idea that crosses my mind. Resolved to live my life by my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom, I am filled with confidence because of my sincere desire to overcome any limitations, losses, and lack in my personal knowingness. A new universe opens and expands as I develop new realities by the power of Self-Revealization Acceptance. Using this tremendous tool for more functional and effective outcomes in my life, my entire consciousness is filled with thoughts of accomplishment and pleasure for a better future than that of the past. I do not restrict myself by thinking of past errors in judgment, but use those experiences to gain a stronger expression of reality for my true self here and now. Things that I have let slip away from me that I sincerely want to have and experience are now put back into motion by correct mental action revealed to me by the Spirit of the Thing Itself. I do not permit the consensus of mass belief to interfere with my vision of perfection as I move ahead knowing that what is good for me will manifest in perfect time for my own best interests and for the benefit of all concerned. I accept my good fortune and great bounty as I move into a new universe that opens and expands on my command and by the authority and power of my Self-Revealization Acceptance through the faith OF the Spirit of the Thing Itself in me, as me, and through me. I refuse to allow any interference or discord in my life, but rather take every opportunity to change any misconceived ideas into ones of lavishness, lotsness, and limitlessness. By my insistence and personal authority, working through the entire fabric of my reality, I see without confusion the destination I have chosen. Clarity of purpose and clarity of thinking take hold of my intelligence, and it does not matter that others may agree or disagree with my quest. I am no longer under the influence of manipulative grace and I reject any form of negative sentiment. I rejoice with profound thanks, and with gratitude to the Creative Power of the Universe, I move forward in confidence without any fear in my ever growing and expanding new universe.

The above text is an excerpt from my forthcoming book “Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance, 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life.”

For more information on Self-Revealization Acceptance and what it is, read the original book, “Self-Revealization Acceptance, Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.”

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