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The Way of the Universe

Meditation 1 from The Living Tao

The true way is unknown and so is the untrue way
There are no names to understand It
Creation does not care that It is the source of creation
Emanating as some “thing” It is not without nourishment

Man cannot know that which is unknowable. At best he can only suggest a meaning according to his own personal needs. There are no titles he can give to even his own ideas of what this profound truth is except words that still cannot explain Its essence. It cannot be known through an address and cannot be known through no-address. It does not need man’s recognition. It forever sustains Itself. The source of creation is not concerned that It is the source of creation. If It were concerned with Itself, then It would interfere with Itself. If It interfered with Itself, It would be impure and therefore would never be perfect. This perfect source of perfect creation must come from a perfect source of creation – from the infinite to the infinite – back and forth into the no-thing-ness of the conscious universe, Itself.

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