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Hanshi Warrior Press Books


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Super Holiday Book Sale – Part 2


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Super Holiday Book Sale!


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Hanshi Kaufman on Questions Concerning the Age of the Universe, the Earth, and the Concept of Death


I’m debating with someone who claims to know how old the Earth, Universe is. Claiming 14 billion years. I told him nobody really knows; it’s all speculation, opinions, theories. I can appreciate science, scientists, the intellectual elite … But some things are not meant to be known, namely 3 things … 1 and 2 … The Universe, Earth, when were they created. 3 … What happens when you die. Insight please ???

Persons claiming to know 1 and 2 are just passing along what they’ve been told. I’m really open- minded, but bold claims to knowing something so infinite I feel almost insult my intelligence. Am I being dismissive or possibly ignorant to science ???


Any number of theories can only give speculative answers based on scientific investigation, or religious faith and belief to determine the age of the universe and the earth. I give credence to both because I prefer to be open-minded; however, there are certain things that have to be taken into consideration before a positive answer can be arrived at.

Scientific answers are limited by the extent that science investigation itself has revealed to those who concern themselves with such matters. The faith and belief idea comes from studying biblical references, arcane knowledge, and ancient cultures that suggest previous contact with other species.

If you take into consideration the scientific approach and the instruments that are used to determine vast distances in time and space, you can readily come to a mathematical conclusion that the universe is approximately 15 billion years old. I, personally, reject that notion because of my belief that there never was a beginning (or therefore, a presumptive ending). If in fact, anything is constant relative to that initial event, it would have to take the form of a permanent and constant beginning.

Biblically, if you count the years in Genesis up to the present, you come up with the Creationist notion that the world is 5777 years, starting from Adam and His alter ego, Eve. That idea is based on man’s perception of time and space.

Another idea, and one that holds for me as the possibility of reality, is that on the first day, God said, “Let there be light,” on the second day, third day, etc., up to, of course, the seventh day.

However, when thinking in the seven days of creation modality, it is essential that you do not restrict “day” to a humanized 24-hour cycle. In the creation perspective, one day of God’s time could easily be billions of years.

So, that leaves the great unanswered question of what and why are we here in the first place. And, as you know, God does not function through time and space, at least in the dimensions we understand or speculate about.

Deep study of the creation event brings about the need to study high-end Kabalistic meditation, and that’s another story altogether. Don’t touch it! Sometimes, I wish I never did. Kabalistic meditation, in my view, and this has nothing to do with Judaism, is the heaviest thing I have ever encountered more than Tao, Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., and led me to the discovery of Self-Revealization Acceptance (I do not remember if you have read this), along with a total subjection of myself into the pit of insanity. (There, true confession. LOL)

Now, as far as death is concerned … to my thinking it is merely a transitional event in that your personal ideas prevail at the given instant of the experience. I am being vague for a particular reason in that it is impossible for ANYONE to know, and probably not even when it is encountered. It is easy to get confused when so many ideas about ‘death’ exist, and many of them are from so-called reliable sources. My own idea is that it is a massive orgasm of profound proportion—way beyond anything you have ever experienced, even when you may have shouted out, “Oh, God!” or perhaps your partner did. I am serious with this! The French even refer to the orgasm itself as “la petite morte,” little death.

Let me close with this:

Disciple: “Master, what happens when we die?’

Master: “Nothing! You don’t.”

Disciple: “We don’t?”

Master: “No. You go to sleep and wake up on the other side.”

Disciple: “What other side?”

Master: “That.”

Disciple: ”What’s ‘that?”

Master: “Exactly.”

© SFK 2016


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Portraits of the Living Tao



A few years back, nature photographer Peggy Thompson and I decided to co-author a book together. Her images are paired with my original verse. She had put together a video that provides several samples of the 44 beautiful images paired with my inspirational Taoist verse.


Visit my homepage to learn more and to order book: http://www.hanshi.com

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Sample Reading from the Living Tao

New Living Tao

Some time back, Peggy Thompson, photographer extraordinaire, did a short visual presentation on my  Living Tao book. Here it is again for your enjoyment.

For more info on The Living Tao and to purchase book, visit


For more info on the author and full list of books, visit http://www.hanshi.com


The Way of the Modern Warrior

way of warrior front cover

It is better to take the easy way in rather than the easy way out.

When a person is confident in their endeavors, even though they may not be at a level of mastery, the road to mastery itself becomes easier to attain. When you have to struggle with the potential outcome of a situation, then you are not in control of your thoughts and desires. You do not have a perspective on proper conduct and, therefore, cannot visualize the intended outcome of your dreams. Even if you do not know where you want to go but have a desire for change, you are already at some place along that path. Understanding and realizing where you are is the first step toward moving to a new understanding of where you think you might want to be. Once you have that aspect of your life under your own personal guidance, you can readily seek assistance from others who will be sympathetic to your ideals. New opportunities will arise and you will be on your way again until, of course, you determine that that is not where you want to be either. Then you redefine your desires and a new direction appears. The easy way out is usually that used by losers who blame others for their paltry existence and complain that they do not have the ability to make their own decisions because of self-proclaimed infringements. They will then use the excuse that they don’t want to hurt anyone and so become self-denigrating martyrs. They can then deny themselves joy and pleasure while luxuriating in a miserable existence.

To learn more about this book and the author,  visit http://wayofmodernwarrior.weebly.com

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New Self-Revealization Acceptance Audio Reading


Visit my new Audio page at my Self-Revealization Acceptance book page:


To get the most out of my Self-Revealization Acceptance readings, follow along by reading the attached text and listening carefully. Then, read it again and improvise your own thoughts about any particular thing that you feel is pertinent to you. In this manner, each Self-Revealization Acceptance becomes your own, and it becomes a very powerful and personal tool for your reality facilitation.

Feel free to explore the Self-Revealization Acceptance website listed above to learn more about me and to order books.

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Hanshi Kaufman’s Ultimate Self-Defense Courses

book shto stik-page-0


Functional, Dependable and Realistic, Personal Self-Defense and Safety Consciousness Against Armed and Unarmed Attacks

Taught by World Renowned Grandmaster & Educator

Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman

Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense is a practical course of instruction geared for today’s society on how to execute definitive self-defense technique without fear or stress while conditioning the self to be aware of surroundings. Participants learn to develop personalized systems for their own well-being by not being restricted to exact procedures, all within the constraints of legality.

There are two phases to the full course, each taught separately.

Phase I begins with ideas and concepts of safety consciousness, going step-by-step through defenses against unarmed attacks (front, rear, sitting, stairwell, and elevator). Students also learn to use a cane and/or walking stick as an additional adjunct to fundamental training.

Phase II deals with armed attacks (sticks and clubs, knives and bottles, multiple assailants, and guns).The courses of instruction clearly detail appropriate methods to employ, including variations in technique, and stresses the survival mentality attitude that frees the will to act when necessary. This comprehensive course includes functional panic control and disabling techniques without the use of grappling. Designed to stop an attack, the courses do not rely on cosmetic or showy technique.

Available where YOU are. If you are interested in a Hanshi Kaufman seminar, contact me for details @hanshikaufman@gmail.com.

To learn more about Hanshi Kaufman, visit http://www.hanshi.com





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Hanshi Stephen Kaufman – Personal Trainer

facebook PERSONAL TRAINER-page-0

New York City area only

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Self-defense: Knife Attacks

Self Defense Cover

Knife Attack #1

Knife comes down over head from front

REALITY CHECK! Brutality cannot be stressed adequately in this countering sequence. There is nothing worse than doing something without conviction. Counterattack with correct rhythm and timing; function with spirit and total resolve to destroy this attacker.

1 – As the knife begins to come down, and with a scream of gutmost intensity, step to the outside of the knife arm while simultaneously driving your fingers into the eyes of the attacker with the opposite hand and pull your hand back faster than you sent it out. The attacker’s reflex may cause you injury as the knife is directed in the direction of your attack. Jump back.

2 – If necessary, take another breath, continue to scream and drive your rear foot into the groin area with full force and conviction. Jump back for balance to get out of the way of the knife arm that may be returning in a slashing movement. Fingers to the eyes will stagger the attacker and he may begin to slash wildly at anything. Be fast and be careful.

3 – Having jumped back and away, fire another kick to the groin or shin. The attacker, temporarily disabled, will give you time to get away.

4 – Run

The main idea is to get to safety and not continue a relentless counterattack. When you have executed with force and resolve, with the proper technique of screaming, quickness, power, and form, you will have finished.

Excerpt from Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense.

Order your autographed copy now!

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit hanshi.com


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Practicing Hanshi Kaufman’s Ultimate Self-defense Technique

Hebi Ryu Budo proficiency practice-page0001

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit his homepage at www.hanshi.com

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