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Practicing Hanshi Kaufman’s Ultimate Self-defense Technique

Hebi Ryu Budo proficiency practice-page0001

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit his homepage at www.hanshi.com

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Ultimate Self-defense Seminars

Self Defense Cover


This is a unique opportunity to have Hanshi Kaufman come into your school and deliver a full-blown seminar that will leave your students breathless … and dangerous. The four or six-hour seminar is open to all ages and genders, with or without martial arts experience. All attendees receive a signed copy of the book. Photos and taping will be ALLOWED.

Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense is based on Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, which has sold over 1,500,000 copies world-wide. Hanshi’s book has influenced countless martial artists for almost a quarter of a century and is destined to have a lasting impact for many years to come.

The book is completely unillustrated, and here’s why! A picture may be worth 1000 words, but a well-placed exemplary word, well positioned, and expertly defined, eliminates the need for a picture when it represents an abstract idea, rather than a concrete representation that can be misunderstood. While pictures can and do, in some instances, illustrate a particular idea, keep in mind that in the earliest stages of development, words are the manner of communicating ideas from the purest source of mental development. A great deal of thought has gone into this non-illustrated approach and agreed to by many of the world’s leading experts in martialist training. You do not need a picture of what a foreknuckle is. You do not need a picture of what a knee is or, for that matter, what a jab into someone’s eyes with your fingers is. You know that intuitively, instinctively, and just from being aware of the different parts of your body. Pictures, in many instances, limit the ability of the imagination to define its own reality. Incorrect assumptions of how to do a specific thing are restricting because, in many instances, the person looking at the picture will try to imitate the action according to what they see and not according to how they physically should act. This book will change your entire perspective on the subject presented to you for your own desired level of mastery. It will force you think and, in that manner, you will become that much more effective and efficient, and secure. Read the book, study the method, and you will understand. You will also become extraordinarily proficient.

Visit http://www.hanshi.com


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New Self-defense Book is Here!


Self Defense Cover



Randy L. Whynacht

Founder and Director, Whynacht Security & Survival

The honour of being asked to write this forward proves that my friendship with Stephen Kaufman has come a long way since I first “met” him on a Saturday afternoon in 1994. I was walking by the front window of a book store in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, when a singular tome caught my eye and soon became a well I still drink from annually, each year, from what I flatter myself by regarding as an ever more elevated perspective. The book was his interpretation of Miyamoto Musashi’s “Book of Five Rings.” While a horse from the same stable, this book is one of a slightly different colour, but sharing a common philosophy that applies to self-preservation in any time and any place. For everything you will read here is predicated on one very specific point, summed up in two sentences you’ll encounter very early on — “You are the one who determines if your life is worth fighting for and, quite possibly, killing for. You determine if your life is worth living and, in certain situations, that of your family and loved ones.” There it is! In no other endeavour is it considered prudent to avoid all preparation aimed at surviving life or death situations, and yet it is all too common for the eyes and mind to be averted in hope that, “It won’t happen to me.” Well, there is advice in this book intended to help the reader minimize the chance that it ever will, but the time to decide if you can learn and unleash violence against another human being is now, and not in the moment of truth. It is quite rightly said that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away, and the only true “first responder” is that one standing before the threat. We live in a time when the aged and infirm, pregnant women or mothers with young children, none can expect their station in life to guarantee mercy and decent conduct from all they may come to encounter; but, you can be aware. By your wiles and actions, you can confound the predator, and in extremis, you can fight. Fight to win, good reader, and accepting as you must that even the strongest and best prepared may still lose, resolve that if you do, your foe will join you in defeat. Drink deep.

For more info on author and to order autographed book, visit http://www.hanshi.com

Also available for purchase at Amazon

Also available as Kindle eBook


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Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-Defense

selfdefense coverCS

From Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-Defense

Why this book is NON-ILLUSTRATED

A picture may be worth a 1000 words, but a well-placed, exemplary word, and expertly defined eliminates the need for a picture when it represents an abstract idea rather than a concrete representation that can be misunderstood.

While pictures can and do, in some instances, illustrate a particular idea, keep in mind that in the earliest stages of development, words are the manner of communicating ideas from the purest source of mental development. A great deal of thought has gone into this non-illustrated approach and agreed to by many of the world’s leading experts in martialist training.

You do not need a picture of what a foreknuckle is. You do not need a picture of what a knee is or, for that matter, what a jab into someone’s eyes with your fingers is. You know that intuitively, instinctively, and just from being aware of the different parts of your body.

Pictures, in many instances, limit the ability of the imagination to define its own reality. No one has to tell you how to use a knife and a fork. Even in a society that does not use such implements, a sharp stick will always suffice to stab the food before putting it into your mouth.

This book will change your entire perspective on the subject presented for your own desired level of mastery. It will force you think and, in that manner, you will become that much more effective, efficient, and secure.

Proceeding through this method, you will become aware of positive physical changes in muscle tone and revitalized physical strength based on how you practice, thereby making you more efficient and effective. The emphasis on breathing will enable correct massaging of your internal organs, giving them the oxygen needed. A warm-up plan is included to get your blood flowing.

Before starting, you should realize that anyone can attack anyone for any reason and at any time; therefore, it is necessary to understand yourself regarding a physical attack. Knowing how to do this will also assist you in getting out of adverse situations quickly and safely, mostly without having to physically deal with confrontations.

Follow the text carefully and think about what you are going to do before you proceed to execute the techniques. Write down any questions you have and, after your workout, read them back to yourself. You will find that as your mind and body become familiar with new functions, the answers will reveal themselves.

Think of self-defense and safety consciousness as a life-enhancing learning process that increases overall confidence: mentally and physically. Throughout the book, I will refer to and explain an attitude called Maintaining the Spirit of Life. This is a basic idea associated with self-preservation.


Check out the testimonials from Hanshi Frank Dux,

G/M Rick Lenchus, G/M Irving Soto.


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An Answer to My Grandson

I am fortunate to have a grandson who comes to me when he has questions about the ways and means of the world and, when he does, I must make sure that I am answering him in a manner that will help him get a firm perspective of the world, without any of my undue influence.

Question: Hey Pop, what do you think of religion, god, etc. I just looked at Chapter 11 in the Shogun’s Scroll, and I understand the take on it in regards to conquering except to appease the followers after or during the regime change. How can these ideals be implemented today with the rising power of violent and hate filled religious groups? Specifically, how can we respect any faiths and simultaneously realize that it is one of the driving factors and, in some cases, the entire cause of an inconceivable level of sadness throughout human existence? I’ve felt a lot of personal pressure to speak out against religions, but I don’t want to alienate people or be overly brash with them. I want to have a career in music, and I don’t want to alienate my audience because of my beliefs. However, I don’t want to just stay silent in the face of many people who I feel need perspective. I know I’ve rambled a bit; I hope you can sort through this.

Answer: Let me see if I can put some cogency into your rambling, though I know where you are coming from. The confusion of your questions is based on the inability of humanity to make logical sense out of the conditions we are being forced to live with, through misdeeds of our own. No one is exempt, and we are all responsible for the morass of confusion and frustration. Without getting into a go nowhere rant on religious fervor, suffice to say it is because of the lack of godliness in the world. That said …

An easy and simplistic answer would be by having in control a firm but just government that seeks to quell the fears of all of its citizens, without showing favor to any one group in particular and without trying to directly influence outside cultures. Historically, that doesn’t work, especially in a polyglot or a multi-racial society where constantly opposing factions seek to dominate other factions of the group in order to curry favor for their own agendas. The result is generally a form of anarchy, which also doesn’t work and leads to chaos until and unless there is total domination of one group over another, but that can only last for a finite time. Then, of course, comes war and all of its attendant vexations. War is merely an extension of man’s fear of the unknown based on presumed arrogance; therefore, we invent methods of additional control called democracy, socialism, communism, fascism, hippiism…. whatever.

When taking over control of an entire culture, whether by military force, societal castigation, or by levying economic difficulty, it must be done with such force that any aspect of the remaining culture hides away in an effort to survive until enough resources are available for an uprising. All global societies are running rampant today, along with the obnoxious terror perpetrated on us from all corners of the world as part of instant communications that hardly ever allows actual conditions to be reported in an objective format. Add to that the controlling forces seeking to enslave all of humanity for their own purposes, which go beyond the speculation of this writer and the absurd notion of miniscule catastrophes created to deter the masses from knowing what actually is happening on a broader scale.

Horrible things such as the Orlando massacre, the Cherokee Trail of Tears, the Holocaust, the internment of Japanese in WW2, the usurpation of the Palestinians by their own kind, unmitigated hatred toward Israel, American decomposition of the middle East, etc., on and on and on will continue to occur until sanity takes the helm of humanity and respect for another idea or thought can prevail. I randomly picked these examples with no ulterior motive. The Romans are gone; the Greeks are gone; the Aztecs are gone; the Nazis are gone; probably the Klingons are gone … you get the drift. (Curiously, the Jews are still here even after the travails suffered and who appear to be the conscience of the world. Save that for another discussion in its own time.) It remains within the leadership of any culture to acknowledge the alleged rights and non-violation of everyone else. Difficult at best, because each individual group foists its mythology on all others, even those who are in agreement with them.

To speak out against religion has always been the province of the young in their attempt to alleviate the disparities between cultures and societies, and so I won’t waste time involved with a pissing contest on that subject. The old adage about the grass being greener on the other side is always prevalent, especially when looking back at the grass just left.

The result of concerted frustration is mass confusion in an attempt to bring order to a situation that relishes its own demise. Government is essential to maintain order in whatever form it takes. The problem is that governments are run by those with the financial strength to perpetrate their own inconsequence and insignificance on a mass of people who simply want something to eat, a blanket to cover their children at night, and the ability to stand tall and proud in front of their women. (Yeah, I’m sexist and, while we are at it, I’m also racist, exactly to the extent as every other living creature on the planet since time began.) Even giraffes and water buffalo have conflicting issues.

You are asking me for an answer to a question that has always plagued humankind. The only intelligent answer I can give you is to maintain focus on what it is you want to accomplish and, at the same time, do what is required of you to maintain your own celibacy of conscience.

You will invariably make enemies; you will invariably make mistakes; you will invariably cause pain to others, and you will invariably bring joy. That is the way of the world, and that is the way of life until you connect with your own true higher self that only you can define. Your salvation will be your art and not your opinion. (That is my opinion – ;-))

Love, Papa

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Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense

My forthcoming book, Hanshi Kaufman’s Guide to Ultimate Self-defense, is for anyone interested in learning correct and effective self-defense strategies and methods based on realistic ideas of safety awareness and self-preservation. There are no tricks taught or used. Instead, effective technique explained in-depth verbally illustrates the correct attitudes to maintain while you are learning. Leaving nothing to chance, important points are stressed with many “street smarts” tips.

This is a physical system for physical situations, and the many definitions will help you develop an understanding of correct defense postures and forms. These will empower you to act intelligently, quickly, and with power and authority. Form, rhythm, and spirit stressed throughout will enable you to become more focused and proficient.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Attitudes Towards Training

Chapter 2 – Correct Mental Attitudes

Chapter 3 – Warming Up before Practice

Chapter 4 – Your Personal Arsenal


Chapter 5 – Front Attacks

Chapter 6 – Side Attacks

Chapter 7 – Rear Attacks

Chapter 8 – Sitting Attacks

Chapter 9 – Stairwells and Elevators


Chapter 10 – Sticks, Clubs, Jagged Weapons

Chapter 11 – Gang, Carjacking, Grounding Attacks

Chapter 12 – The Horrors of Knife Attacks

Chapter 13 – The Reality of Gun Attacks

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com


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Forthcoming Self-defense Book

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Follow the instructions in this book step-by-step and you will become a master of fierce, retaliatory capability.

With over 60 years of teaching and practical experience, Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman has created a formidable self-defense, self-protection system based on his Hebi Ryu Budo (School of the Snake) martialist philosophy. You will find no nonsense, quaint ideas, or clever tricks about clever tricks.

If you really want to learn the “real deal,” then THIS book is all you will ever need.

Make no mistake. This book is quintessential to the subject.

Stephen F. Kaufman, Hanshi

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit http://www.hanshi.com

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New Hanshi Wisdom Press Book Pricing

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For more info on the author, visit http://www.hanshi.com

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Query from student whom I consider erudite in many things and not one to waste time by asking frivolous questions.

Q: Sir, I would like to get your thoughts on revenge. Is it ever appropriate in these modern times to exact revenge on a person that has done you bad? Sun Tzu said if you wait by the river long enough, you will see all of your enemies float by. I get the analogy, as either life takes care of them in due time, or their other enemies take them out for you. Thoughts?

A: I have given good thought to your query and, having come up with various approaches to my ideas, I decided to quote from my own book, The Shogun Scrolls, originally published in 1996 by Tuttle. My thoughts on the subject have not changed.


Revenge is a virtuous act and its intelligent application is an essential quality to a powerful shogun. However, revenge does not work without difficulties, and although it appears to be profitable at certain times, it is best carried out long after an incident has been quelled. Even better, revenge can be applied most effectively when the event has been practically forgotten. When it is dealt out to those requiring it, it must be done in a fashion that deeply impresses everyone—from the emperor to the common serf. It must be done in such a manner that any ideas of duplicating the act would be thought of as madness.

In time, the strongest warriors will be subject to foolish behavior regardless of the amount of care taken to prevent its occurrence. Attacks come in many forms and are sometimes difficult to discern, especially when you are in the position of delegating authority to subordinates. Revenge is usually necessitated by acts against the shogunate from the inner guard. The problems may stem from without, but usually the damage is instigated from within, and more than likely by trusted subjects.

Care must be taken that you do not become obsessed with revenge. You must not become mean-spirited. There are two ways for revenge to be exacted. One is quietly, dictating terrible misfortune that no one could have foreseen. The other is done openly, and with a terrible effect, guaranteeing that no one would ever consider a like act against you for the remainder of their lives. The method depends upon your temperance. It must make itself evident to all who are aware of the reason for it.

The person at whom the revenge is directed must remain alive to see the horror that is visited upon him. He must be the last of his bloodline to be destroyed regardless of the method used. The punishment meted out must be so complete that no possibility of reprisal is possible. Things that can be done to others as acts of revenge are only limited by the imagination. Revenge should be extracted with such a degree of horror that the perpetrator’s ancestors scream from the grave.

Ishikai Nobunaga was a master at levying revenge. For deeds done against him by his wife’s family, he began a reign of terror against them that lasted for years until they were finally wiped from existence. The reasons they carried out their acts to wreak his revenge were founded in terrible jealousy of his position in the court of Emperor Kicho and their acts were nothing in comparison the penalty they paid for their insolence. He began slowly, and long after the deed against him had been perpetrated, by causing them to dispute rumors from within their own houses. When they came to be filled with anger at each other, he then began to destroy their means of livelihood making each of his wife’s cousins appear to each other as thieves forcing them to devise acts of retribution against each other, which culminated in bloodshed. They even came to him hoping he would assist in quelling the family problems. In essence, they gave him permission to further breakdown their bloodlines. When they were totally weakened he watched as they finally destroyed each other.

It is always best to permit your enemy to kill himself. Half-hearted attempts at revenge invite retribution and must be avoided at all costs. It must be done in a matter-of-fact manner. Physical revenge should be delayed until all other means have been executed. To crush the spirit and destroy the offender’s mind is the best way to begin. Death should be saved for last. In the beginning, techniques of revenge should include minor inconveniences and petty annoyances building up to a thorough deterioration of the antagonist’s body, mind, and spirit.

© Stephen F. Kaufman 1996 – 2016

Shogun's Scroll


Find out more about Hanshi’s masterpiece and purchase an autographed copy here: http://shogunscroll.weebly.com/

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Homage for Miyamoto Musashi – Haiku 22



Verse from Homage for Miyamoto Musashihttp://homage-for-musashi.weebly.com

For more info on author, visit http://www.hanshi.com

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Homage for Miyamoto Musashi – Haiku 49

haiku 49a

Verse from Homage for Miyamoto Musashihttp://homage-for-musashi.weebly.com

For more info on author, visit http://www.hanshi.com

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The Machine Guns of God

Constantly told about the beginning of the cosmos as having been perpetrated by some sort of ‘big bang’ theory, major and certain acclaimed scientists have alluded to the idea that there was one such event and that it is the causation of all we know and see and, in most instances, think. Exploration of physical laws also suggests this event occurred some fifteen billion years ago, and the result is that the universe will constantly expand until it gets to the point where it will implode upon itself. However, we should not concern ourselves with that ‘time’ frame … another fifteen billions years or so.

The actual reality of all of this, irrespective of scientific reporting, is that there is no such thing as one ‘big bang’ event, except perhaps in the form of constancy of expression of the Creative Power of the Universe, nor can there be. In light of the fact that scientists also suggest that there is no such thing as a god, and that everything just happened ex nihilo out of nothing as an emanation of ex nihilo itself, no-thing, it is an incontrovertible fact that something had to originate the beginning. If that concept is unacceptable or unbelievable, remember that all we see and know are extensions of ideas that had to emanate from some ‘thing’ or from some ‘where,’ whatever term used to describe it. That, taken into consideration, suggests a continuum of creation that started with one event and continues in an eternal sequence of one ‘big bang’ after another. Science has also proven that we are in a state of ever expansion until, supposedly, the universe burns out as suggested above.

It is important to relegate the idea of an ever-expanding universe to an insistence that new instruments and technologies of our day and age will continue to enhance our own illusions. That there is an expansion and creation as merely a constant beginning affords us the luxury of discovering the idea of time and space that our limited abilities and intellectual experiments suggest. As we proceed to know more about the ‘whatever,’ we begin to see more traces of motion in time and space only because of assumptive education and by piling one idea on top of another until we presume to come to understand the reason for it all.

All education and scientific exploration leads further and further into the morass of non- knowingness and the constant conjecture of one theory leading to another. As each new theory unfolds, the previous ideas become no longer functional, with rare exception. The amount of genius involved also becomes moot. Institutional speculation continues to evolve, and additional new instrumentation gives further evidence that a new theory is the one revealed due to intense searching and meditation. Eventually, all research and scientific reasoning will coincide with religious philosophy and metaphysical speculation, as will the opposite concur. Religious philosophy will eventually bolster the assumptions of scientific research, and both scientific and religious head scratching will come to a meaningless, dead end.

Why is there an incessant need to understand the reasoning for the creation of the universe? There can be no understanding or insight into the reasons for something that goes beyond the ability of man’s intelligence of certainty at this point in evolution. Apparently, faith in a higher intelligence is not enough. A plethora of ideas and theories exist; it becomes a matter of which is right, which is valid, which is closer to the truth, which has more believers (for whatever reason and does not make it correct), as well, that which can produce the most money for the progenitors of whatever method being prescribed or … foisted. Of religions, there must be hundreds, if not more, and scientific theories the same. There are more opinions than the discussions in the Talmud and more science and science fiction than can be imagined. Nothing new here, but thoughts are things.

The universe works like this. As the Creative Power of the Universe continues with ‘Its’ concepts, ideas that have been already thrown out to the indifference of the cosmos, certain individual minds will pick up on the ‘wave’ and act on it. Many may perceive it, but few will become enamored of it and proceed to see it manifest into fruition. This is why a constant ‘big bang’ is without cessation.

The premise of this article is to explain the vagaries of any ideas about creation and the wherewithal of emanation, irrespective of flashes of genius that periodically occur in an aleatory form. Again, each idea floats throughout the cosmos until picked up by any of the creations that have emanated from the source of all creativity that devote energy to it, until it is eventually put into practice. Any idea observed or acted on is not a new thing; all things have been created at the outset. New inventions, new ideas, and new social orders must cause man to think in terms of a constant renewal of creation: the machine guns of God. Perhaps in a thousand years Earth will lose its original meaning as the source of all civilization. As we reach out to the stars and create our own universe, without relying on past prejudices and thoughts of meaningless control, true freedom for all creations, including humanity, will result, as may possibly be the original intention of creation. Asimov spoke of this in his Foundation Trilogy, as well as many other science-fiction visionaries, concepts, and ideas that, too, are fraught with eternal conflict. That being a possibility suggests that where we are in space and time at this moment is the result of our present planet having been seeded by, indeed, another intelligence that does not have to be considered higher or lower. Rationally and logically speaking, there are just too many variations of ‘types’ to have been individually developed in the short period of time that mankind has inhabited Earth.

To fully understand personal reasons for existence and to know purpose in the overall order of ‘things,’ it is essential to take into consideration, and to contemplate, the premise that the universe in and of itself was created specifically and without restriction for the Self, the self, and the Self and the self alone. Appreciating and understanding without frustration or confusion is a simple matter of acceptance of purpose, as all things come to be with ease and grace, and with no need for consternation, anger, or self-pity.

The machine guns of God are a permanency, the only permanency in the entire cosmos. The ever expanding universe is proof of that, and as humanity steps into the void with the assurance that success will follow, and, when certain rules are observed and heeded, the completeness of it all will be apparent … and not before. However, don’t despair. We still have fifteen billion years to get it together.

(c) sfk2016

To learn more about Stephen F. Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com


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