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Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance Sample


I Know My Purpose

I realize the magnificence of my life and I am thrilled knowing that I can revel in the knowledge that it all makes sense to me. No longer do I consider erroneous alternatives for my existence. No longer do I wonder at the so-called mysteries of life that frustrate and confuse my best efforts. I move ahead in all things, knowing that what it is that I have decided to do for myself is in reality being done for me by the Spirit of the Thing Itself and for the benefit of all concerned, with myself as the primary recipient of all good I desire. This attitude and mentality extends through me into the deepest corners of my being. Choosing it to be so, I carry myself with poise and confidence in all matters, thinking only of accomplishment for my highest ideals, and I gladly give of myself in totality to all who come into my life within the constraints of my reality. I utilize the Spirit of the Thing Itself in my every thought as I develop more and direct self-revealization acceptance ability to continue in my self-chosen life experiences by my divine right to live in joy and freedom. I come to know that by my focused efforts to ascend to my own level of consciousness, I will devote more of myself to knowing my true purpose on a continual basis. I thoroughly concentrate on my desires and do not let anything interfere with my accomplishment. I define and name my desires and say to the Creative Power of the Universe what I will accept and experience. This is my act of will, and by this act of willful consciousness, I enhance my own acceptability of the faith OF the Thing Itself that I desire to know and enjoy. When I find myself seemingly overwhelmed by my own devices and thoughts, I simply offer up the proper self-revealization acceptance and increase my ability to accept more of my great bounty, doing so with ease and grace. Knowing my own purpose keeps me in line with all that has to be maintained in my life in order and harmony, including my physical and mental health, my finances, my creativity, my ability to love and be loved, and to like and be liked. I appreciate myself and I enjoy myself as my life unfolds. I give complete and total thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for the ability to think this way, and I do so with pleasure for It, as well.


From Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 weekly Ascencions to Empower Your Life

Visit for more info: http://self-revealization.weebly.com/book-2—practicing.html

For more info on author, visit: http://www.hanshi.com


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An Interview with Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman

Here is an interview with Hanshi Frank Dux a few years ago that I came across recently:

I attended Grandmaster Irving Soto’s Live Martial Arts Masters event in New York City on May 19, 2012. It was an amazing gathering of true masters in the martial arts. I have been around the world many times and have met just about everyone of merit in the arts; no need to mention names, you all know who I am and the validity of my reputation. However, I was not, in any way, shape, or form prepared for meeting with Hanshi Stephen Kaufman. To say that this man is “special” is without question. For those of you who are not aware of his contribution to the arts, I can say with all due respect and reverence that Hanshi Kaufman is truly responsible for the inordinate consciousness raising of all of us, whether you want to admit it or not. I first learned of Hanshi Kaufman when some time back, a friend handed me a copy of The Martial Artist’s Book of Five Rings — The Definitive Interpretation, and said, “Check this out, somebody may actually know what they’re talking about.” Of course, I looked at it and said, “Yeah, right, another master.” I started to read it considering the source who had given it to me and it blew me away! This was not another martial arts book or Japanese business reference. This could only have been written by someone who lives the life and doesn’t just practice punches, kicks, and clever little self-defense techniques. What he knows, and the manner in which he teaches is nothing short of astonishing. Since that time, I have come to read most of the books written by this legitimately great master; each one seeming to be more and more profound. Hanshi had asked myself and Grandmaster Soto if we would be so kind as to permit him to interview us for his Hanshi’s World cable tv show. He wanted us to just talk about our experiences and to do it in an informal setting so the world at large would see us a real people aside from our martial arts reputations. We did it and had a lot of fun talking candidly about what we had been through and how we began our careers. We chatted about our beginnings and how we, Grandmaster Soto and myself, had come to know each other. The entire interview was impromptu, but Hanshi Kaufman knew how to get us to speak about things that we would normally have kept close to our chests. While all of this was going on, it occurred to me that I might want to do the same thing with Hanshi as the interviewee. When we finished, we all retired to one of New York’s best kosher delis and had, if I say so myself, one of the best pastrami sandwiches on the planet. During lunch, I asked Hanshi if anyone had ever interviewed him and he immediately replied, “No, and as a matter of fact I wouldn’t mind that, but it would have to be straight ahead without me knowing what questions you would ask so I can offend as many people as possible.” We all had a good laugh when he said that and I thought that to get him to be completely relaxed, I wouldn’t video the interview. I would tape it at different times during the weekend and wondered about how many different moods he would express. I recorded over three hours of Hanshi just talking, as he called it, straight ahead. He talked to me about his original involvement with the martial universe (Hanshi doesn’t like the word “martial arts,” as art to him implies a form of entertainment), preferring to speak in terms of “martialism,” a word he coined to define exactly what it is that he does. I listened to him with rapt attention as he talked about his experiences “in the field,” and most of the books he has written including my favorite, The Sword in the Boardroom — Conversations with Sun Tzu and Musashi on Winning for the Benefit of All Concerned that is becoming a full-blown classic on the mat and in the corporate world. It is unbelievable that anyone could put something like this together and at the same time it reads like a major orchestral work. He has also founded and developed Self Revealization Acceptance™ – Your Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. Notice the spelling of revealization, not to be confused with realization. This book is probably one of the most profound reality self-help works in history and Hanshi tells you step-by-step how to ascend to the highest realms of consciousness conceivable. I can go on and on, but let’s get to the meat of the matter. Here is the interview with very little editing, and I would suggest you get yourselves ready to be blown away like I was.

Read the entire interview here:

To learn more about Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com

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A New Year – A New You!

hwp new year special 2016-page0001


To order books, visit www.hanshi.com

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Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance Book

Welcome my new CreateSpace edition of Practicing Self-Revealization Acceptance – 52 Weekly Ascensions to Empower Your Life. One can order the book directly from my hanshi.com website, personally autographed, or directly through CreateSpace, or Amazon. Take your choice. As well, the Kindle eBook edition is available.


For more info on the author, Stephen F. Kaufman, visit hanshi.com

To view a complete listing of books, visit hanshi.com/books

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A Very Special Honor

I am proud to have been selected for association with the International Fighting Arts Assn and the Black Dragon Fighting Society. It is a unique and singular honor.


Stephen F. Kaufman. Hanshi
Dojo no Hebi – School of the Snake
Having performed always in a distinguished manner and
shown outstanding dedication to the martial arts, in
recognition of the progress, ability and knowledge achieved,
is this 17th day of the 10th month, year of the Goat, registered
BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY as a certified practitioner of
the Oriental Fistic and Grappling arts at the rank and style
indicated. This registration is based on findings of a personal
review board, special individual evaluation, or acceptance of
similar ranking certification from an authentic school of
martial arts or association.
November 26, 2015


To All Masters of Black Dragon Fighting Society:
I thank you for this unique and singular honor
I am proud to be associated with you.

Hanshi Stephen Kaufman


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Holiday Book Special

holiday deal 2015-page0001

To learn more about the author and to order books, visit www.hanshi.com

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Speculation of the Beyond

Speculation of the Beyond


Stephen F. Kaufman


speculations of the beyond

non-linear thinking

in and out of wormhole consciousness and cognizance

no past present future

non-dimensional realities

non-dimensional other realities

being inside the outside

abstract solidity generator

the cube

infinity is in the finite

causation is non-existent

substance of emanation

all emanation is no-thing

this and that have no need to be detached

transition is the finality of linear existence

not a physical morph

not a mental morph

not a spiritual morph

all done at one

every where as continuum

no beginning

no ending

no now

no start

no finish

no who

no what

not in you

not out you


Linear existence works as a time line with points of space of past, present, and future. Speculation of the future is predicated on known experiences. Due to the infinite varieties of possibility, it is impossible to determine any specific outcome for any set of circumstances regardless of desire or will.

Non-linear existence is not based on time or space to determine a specific outcome. It may or may not be controlled by previous experience at a current point in consciousness, but it cannot be changed by accordant thinking.

A linear situation is defined by being at a point of cognition, and future outcomes can be circumstantial only through past experience. Linear existence is hyperreal.

A non-linear situation, without the need to experience any known aspect outside of a particular desire, may manifest at will. Non-linear existence is hypothetical.

We relate to linearity because of sense cognizance, though in various philosophies it is considered illusion. Non-linearity can be thought of only through conjecture, hence the anomaly of wishful thinking. There is no empirical proof of non-linearity as a functional reality because it is not based on tangibility. Nonetheless, there is no conclusive proof that non-linearity existence does not exist. If we consider the possibility that linearity exists as an illusion, then there is no reason not to think in terms of functional and viable non-linearity. This takes into account the reality of time travel—the so-called wormhole. In my view non-linearity thinking does exist, excepting only that correct correlation of consciousness has not been discovered to date—maybe.

Psychic explorers, occultists, astral travelers, etal, confirm otherwise. Dream studies suggest that impressions received in sleep can be thought of as cognition of alternate dimensions and universes, all simultaneously co-existing. The expression “a dream come true” is evidence, even if only in the mind of the dreamer. There are different types of dreams, including: day-dreaming, participatory dreaming:  dreams where the dreamer awakens inside of the dream scenario, and predetermined dreams: dreams that are consciously constructed before the dreamer goes to bed.

Cybernetic research has gotten well beyond the limitations of human thought and, in many instances, silicon-based entities along with human fantasy predict with astonishing credibility excellent prognostications of futuristic outcomes. It would be through quantum leaps of consciousness, NOT faith or beliefs, that defining outcomes as definable and determinable could be predictable as an aspect of genius. Allegedly, genius is an acknowledgeable fact; however, caution is a requisite not to base so called genius on vainglorious wishful thinking and hoping: two abstract notions that restrict true freedom of expression. A tool for this is Self-Revealization Acceptance: the absolute manifestation of physical desire developed through a process of reality facilitation.

The closest we can come in our current limited intelligence is the development of advanced perceptions through meditation of the beyond. It remains to learn the parameters of infinity as a finite plane and use that knowledge until it becomes a workable form prior to manifesting anything real through the emanation of substance, through acceptance of other dimensions. This, then, is the essence of non-linear existence. It becomes required to know and realize that all things come from without, NOT from within, and this includes thought on physical and spiritual planes. Internal thought manifests in outward constructs only upon outside contemplation and influence.

Thought comes from without; it comes from a place that is other than the self. That we are able to grasp an idea is evidence of this profound truth. As we convolute an idea—any idea—according to what we must consider our whim, we see the demonstration take place. However, because of whimsical thinking, things do not manifest in perfect realization. Care must be taken to not limit the expression of the ideal to the non-physical. We live in a material universe. The universe IS physical, including thought. In cognizant form alternate universes and dimensions can be experienced, but not in the commonly thought of concepts of here and now. The unconceivable (sic) is experiential and is conclusive as well beyond the idea of conclusion. I seek that as a transformative reality.

 © SFK 10/28/15



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This is a Wonderful Day

Here is an SRA that I personally use everyday. It keeps me focused on what I think is important in my own life and prevents me from falling into the morass of indifference and mediocrity.

from Self-Revealization Acceptance. A gift for all of you.


This is a Wonderful Day

I accept this day as a gift that brings along with it wonderful new opportunities and good news. Things that I have been wanting and waiting for appear and gladly I welcome them. I am prepared for joy and freedom on all levels, to successfully deal with all things and the results are always in my favor for the benefit of all concerned. I am free of any and all apprehension as I move forward into a higher realm of living my live by my Divine Right to Live in Joy and Freedom.
Today is a good day. I accomplish much as I move ahead to experience more recognition of my work, new opportunities, and increased financial freedom, all the while sustained and maintained in perfect mind and body. I greet all people with joy and a feeling and knowingness of accomplishment that elevates my life and productivity. My spirit soars.
Everyone I meet and speak with today is glad to have me in his or her lives. They want me to be a part of their joy and freedom and they look to me for guidance and direction. Today I accomplish many great things.
I accept my great gifts with gratitude and thank the Creative Power of the Universe for them. I accept my rewards with a smile and I go and come in perfect safety and without delay. I am the Spirit of the Thing Itself of this wonderful day.

©Stephen F. Kaufman

For more information about Self-Revealization Acceptance, visit


For more information on the author and to purchase book, visit http://www.hanshi.com














Y0u can purchase Self-Revealization Acceptance – An Introduction by going here

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Are Our Destinies Predetermined?

From the Teachings of Hanshi Kaufman

Student: Sensei, do you believe our destinies are predetermined?

Sensei: That goes back to the old fate and free will paradigm, yin and yang nonsense. I no longer allow myself to harass my brain into thinking on those levels and merely accept things, as they are with what little influence I think I can exert on personal outcomes. It makes no sense to question anything that has no definitive resolve. Whatever it is that directs and controls our destinies is aleatory; chance, that many people consider being luck or no-luck. Everything in the universe has already been created and our ‘minds’ intercept random ideas as thoughts occur for whatever reason. We just happen to stop a particular idea in our heads and then act or not act on it by letting it happen or passing on it. Lineage and matters of that sort are just extensions of vibrations that manifest into different scenarios.

Student: But I’ve had several déjà vu experiences in my life. Like I’ve already been somewhere or done something. Sometimes parts of my dreams become my reality. It could take days, weeks, months or years, but I know that some dreams literally become a part of my future. I’m not saying I can see the future, but on some level I do experience ‘visions’ of something that will happen eventually. So, sometimes when I’ve had a bad dream, I ponder the thought of it eventually manifesting itself into my life somewhere down the road. Even good dreams. Perhaps my subconscious already knows future decisions, the choices I will make.

Sensei: That is why it is best to remain a child (rescind your adulthood, but not your integrity, honor, blah, blah) and not pursue wisdom and other meaningless ideals. Merely, and yes, I mean merely, pursue what gives pleasure and maintain the responsibility of perfecting yourself through that one particular thing. Such as being the finest this or that you can conceive of being and let the Spirit of the Thing Itself express through you without you trying to tell it what to do. Things will ‘happen,’ or they won’t. See the evolution of your own existence and desires and don’t worry about karma, Freud, or any other meaningless bullshit. Let the wardens of other entrapments care for the allegedly insane, et al. It is also best to recognize situations, resolve them, and simply move on into your next self-imposed fantasy. However, never forget that you physically live in a material universe and that to deny yourself material comforts is stupid in an attempt to become ‘one’ with the universe. Enjoying yourself without guilt is true enlightenment.

2015 SFKaufman

For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com

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Hanshi Warrior Press October Book Deal

October Book Deal-page0001-5

For more info on the author and to order books, Hanshi Stephen F Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com

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An Answer to My Negative Critics

My two books, Musashi’s Book of Five Rings and Sun Tzu’s Art of War, are STILL best-selling versions worldwide after 22 years. There must be a reason. Despite the petty negative reviews on Amazon, which I ignore, the fact remains that what I have written and taught is without doubt the truest expression of the ideals given to all of us by Musashi and Sun Tzu. They have become de facto standards. This is, as well, corroborated and acknowledged by the highest ranking practitioners of the martial arts throughout the world. Questions about my rank and authority have been questioned since I began teaching nearly sixty (60) years ago, and guess what? I’m still here!

Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman,
Founder and Master, Hebi Ryu Budo

RingsArt of War





For more info on Hanshi Stephen Kaufman, visit www.hanshi.com

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Hanshi Warrior Press September Book Deal


As featured on John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight

new lady ringsThe Lady of the Rings – Musashi’s Book of Five Rings Strategy Interpreted for Women


Hanshi Kaufman taught the principles of the “Rings” to Ann Davis, a successful restauranteur, over a period of time when she was dealing with issues that occur in every person seeking answers to the so- called difficulties in life. The book expresses in Ann’s words her feelings towards life based on Musashi’s universal ideas that override any form of prejudice. It is an expose of a woman coming to terms with her own reality. Stephen Kaufman captures her sensitivity as only a master teacher and writer can. Read more: http://ladyrings.weebly.com


Zzash coverHomage for Miyamoto Musashi – One Hundred Twenty-Two Original Haiku


In this brief volume, the author has created a series of haiku in classical 5,7,5 meter to celebrate the most profound sword master, Miyamoto Musashi. The inordinate influence of Musashi, who many consider to be kensei, the sword saint, uniquely taught with firm intention and endeavor the manners, methods, and morés that all of humanity should strive to live by. The work is formatted with three sections for each haiku. You will read the English, notice the Japanese calligraphy and, finally, the actual Romanization of the translation. Note: the 5,7,5 format in English is not to be confused with the same syllabic order in the Japanese tongue. Read more: http://homage-for-musashi.weekbly.com


A $26.90 value, books are autographed and personalized


Package Price for both books only $18.00 plus $3.00 postage

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